Workshop A: Pulsed electrical discharges in water: fundamentals and applications

The topics of this workshop were the scientific challenges related to fundamentals of pulsed discharges initiated in slightly conductive liquid water solutions, and emerging environmental, biological and other technological research opportunities. Leading experts in the field presented invited lectures focusing on the physics of such unusual plasmas and on related phenomena including the generation of high electric fields, production of chemically active species, UV radiation and shock waves. Basic applications in water cleaning, food sterilization and in medicine were covered as well. The workshop was organized by Prof. Pavel Sunka (IPP).

List of Workshop A speakers:

Workshop B: Physics and applications of pulsed high-current capillary discharges

The subject of this workshop were scientific challenges and technological applications of high-current capillary discharges pinching into a nearly uni-dimensional dense plasma column that is composed of a quasi-neutral mixture of very hot electrons and multiple-charged ions (partly or fully stripped atoms). Shortly after the middle of the last century, it was recognized that such plasma is an efficient source of vacuum ultra-violet (VUV), extreme ultra-violet (EUV) and soft X-ray radiation. Moreover, in the first half of the 90s it was found that transient processes in these discharges (pinching and disintegration) can lead to population inversion and lasing in the above mentioned wavelength ranges. That brought capillary discharges to the forefront of advanced technologies, particularly in these branches where high resolving power (as in X-ray lithography for microelectronics, micro-imaging in cellular/sub-cellular biology and chemistry etc.) or high quantum energy (as for molecular surgery, X-ray induced fluorescence, non-linear X-ray optics) play a dominant role. The widespread use of these sources is expected and further applications of capillary discharges are expected to emerge. The workshop was organized by Dr. Karel Kolacek (IPP).

List of Workshop B speakers: