Von Engel Prize

On behalf of the ICPIG International Scientific Committee, it is our great pleasure to announce, that the von Engel Prize 2007 was awarded to:

Noriyoshi Sato, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, Japan,

for his outstanding contribution to the field of the excitation and stability of ion acoustic waves in plasmas.

The 'Von Engel Prize' was established in 1998. It is sponsored by the 'Hans von Engel and Gordon Francis Fund' and is administered by the Board of Physical Sciences, University of Oxford. The prize, consisting of $1000 and a certificate, is awarded every two years to an individual for work in the field of physics and technology of plasmas and ionized gases, as covered by ICPIG meetings. Selection is based either on long-standing and important contributions to the field, or an outstanding achievement giving new impulse to the field, or both.