Von Engel Prize Lecture:
Some Basic Plasma Experiments Extended in Plasma Applications

Noriyoshi Sato

Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University
(Home) Kadan 4-17-113, Sendai 980-0815, Japan

Various experiments were carried out to clarify basic plasma features. They include plasma waves and instabilities, plasma-structure control and potential formation, negative-ion plasmas, fullerene plasmas, and fine-particle plasmas. Some of the works were useful also for plasma applications. They have been extended to active plasma controls to establish so-called 'intelligent' plasma processing for material and device manufacturing. The works are mainly concerned with plasma production for the uniform processing, electron-temperature control for the processing condition, production of 'endohedral' fullerenes, and collection and removal of fine particles. Some details of the experiments are presented in the lecture, together with recent works on plasma productions under the high gas pressure.