Topic number 17:
"Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sources"
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G05 The main issues of research on dense magnetized plasmas Sadowski M.J., Scholz M.
WA1 Physics and applications of high power water switches Schoenbach K.H., Xiao S., Kolb J.F., Joshi R.P.
WA2 All solid-switch pulsed-power source for electrohydraulic discharge plasmas Yan K., van Heesch E.J.M.
3P17-01 Generation of powerful sub-nanosecond e-beams and X-rays in gas discharges under atmospheric pressure Tarasenko V.F.
3P17-02 Supershort avalanche electron beam generation in N2 and He at quasi-continuous gap voltage Tarasenko V.F., Baksht E.H., Lomaev M.I., Rybka D.V.
3P17-03 Discharge current and current of supershort avalanche e-beam at volume nanosecond discharge in non-uniform electric field Tarasenko V.F., Baksht E.H., Lomaev M.I., Rybka D.V.
3P17-04 Results of experimental study of a possibility of quasi-spherical implosion of current-conducting shell under the effect of axial geometry magnetic field to compress plasma target Egorychev B.T., Ivanovsky A.V., Volkov G.I., Ivanov V.A., Morozov I.V., Kraev A.I., Petrukhin A.A.
3P17-05 D-D reaction and fast deuterons in plasma focus facility Kubes P., Klir D., Kravarik J., Rezac K., Bienkowska B., Ivanova-Stanik I., Karpinski L., Paduch M., Scholz M., Schmidt H., Sadowski M.J., Tomaszewski K.
3P17-06 D-D fusion neutrons generated in 500 J fibre Z-pinch Klir D., Kubes P., Kravarik J., Rezac K.
3P17-07 Investigation of the high current multi-capillary dielectric cathodes Gleizer J.Z., Hadas Y., Yarmolich D., Krasik Ya.E.
3P17-08 Effect of high-voltage pulsed discharges on detonation to deflagration transition in gases Rakitin A., Zhukov V., Starikovskii A.
3P17-09 High current z-pinch disintegration and the task of peripheral equipment protection Zaitsev V.I., Andryanov Yu.V., Volkov G.S., Grabovsky Ye.V., Lakhtyushko N.I., Stepanov A.Ye.
3P17-10 The effect of an auxiliary discharge on the plasma plume produced by a pulsed electron beam Nistor M., Gherendi F., Mandache N.B.
3P17-11 An all solid-state pulsed power generator for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) Liu Kefu, Qiu Jian, Wu Yifan, Liu Xiaoxu, Xiao Houxiu
3P17-12 A spark gap switch with very high repetition rate Rahaman H., Lee B.-J., Urban J., Stark R., Frank K., Nam S.H.
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3P17-13 Reconstruction of D-D neutron energy spectra from time-resolved neutron detectors placed in opposite directions Rezac K., Klir D., Kubes P., Kravarik J., Zacek M., Scholz M., Paduch M., Tomaszewski K., Ivanova-Stanik I., Bienkowska B.
3P17-14 Pulse flashover characteristic of metal oxide thin films on epoxy substrate in vacuum Cheng Y.H., Chen Y., Yin W., Wu K., Wang Z.B., Zhou J.B.
3P17-15 Influence of voltage increase rate of power pulse on flashover characteristic in vacuum Chen Y., Cheng Y.H., Wu K., Wang Z.B., Yin W., Zhou J.B.
3P17-16 Treatment of water by high electrical fields and pulsed discharges Kalenikov A.V., Kuzhekin I.P., Kurbanov E.C.
3P17-17 Spectroscopic measurements of the plasma plume induced during laser ablation of graphite Hoffman J., Jedynski M., Mroz W., Prokopiuk A., Szymanski Z.
3P17-18 Nanosecond all-solid-state pulse generators on basis of FID technology for plasma chemistry applications Efanov V.M., Efanov M.V., Kricklenko A.V., Yarin P.M., Komashko A.V., Savastianov N.K.
3P17-19 Generation of supersonic and super-Alfvénic flow using RF heating and a magnetic nozzle Hagiwara T., Ando A., Kasashima Y., Hattori K., Inutake M.
3P17-20 Cherenkov beam-wave interaction experiment with a pulse-powered pseudospark discharge Yin H., Cross A.W., He W., Ronald K., Phelps A.D.R., Whyte C.G., Robertson C.W.
3P17-21 New generation of high – power semiconductor closing switches for pulsed power applications Belyaev S.A., Bezuglov V.G., Chibirkin V.V., Chumakov G.D., Galakhov I.V., Garanin S.G., Grigorovich S.V., Kinzibaev M.I., Khapugin A.A., Kopelovich E.A., Flat F.A., Frolov O.V., Logutenko S.L., Martyinenko V.A., Murugov V.M., Osin V.A., Pegoev I.N., Zolotovski V.I.