Topic number 14:
"High pressure and thermal plasma processing"
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4P14-01 An alternative source to produce hydrogen from alcohols by using an argon surface wave sustained discharge at atmospheric pressure Jiménez M., Yubero C., Santiago I., Muñoz J., Calzada M.D.
4P14-02 Characteristics of atmospheric pressure corona torch plasmas for material processing Markle J., Xu C.Q., Chang J.S.
4P14-03 Decomposition treatment of CO2 using gas tunnel type plasma jet Kobayashi A., Hamanaka H.
4P14-04 Hydrogen production from water by using an argon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure: preliminary study Pineda M., Santiago I., Muñoz J., Yubero C., Jiménez M., Calzada M.D.
4P14-05 Low current gliding discharges between parallel rails in normal-air flux Risacher A., Larigaldie S., Bobillot G., Marcellin J.-P., Picard L.
4P14-06 Improvement of uniformity in heat flux transported to anode by magnetically driven arc Kuno I., Yamamoto T., Takeda K., Toh T., Tanaka J., Yamamoto K., Takeuchi S.
4P14-07 Experimental research of air gasification of waste. The first results Bratsev A.N., Glezin I.L., Kovshechnikov V.B., Kumkova I.I., Kuznetsov V.A., Popov V.E., Shtengel S.V., Ufimtsev A.A.
4P14-08 Partial oxidation of methane with yttria-stablized zirconia catalyst in a dielectric barrier discharge Indarto A., Choi J.W., Lee H., Sekiguchi H., Song H.K.
4P14-09 Quasi-DC discharge in high-speed flow for combustion enhancement Leonov S.B., Yarantsev D.A.
4P14-10 Single wall carbon nanotubes synthesis via electric arc process: influence of some parameters on the yield Mansour A., Razafinimanana M., Monthioux M., Gleizes A.
4P14-11 Electric field effects for combustion control - optimized geometry Most D., Hammer T., Lins G., Branston D.W., Altendorfner F., Beyrau F., Leipertz A.