Topic number 13:
"Plasma processing of surfaces and particles"
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G04 Novel-structured carbon nanotubes creation by nanoscopic plasma control Hatakeyama R.
T05 Plasmas create a new path for future fuel cell designs Brault P., Caillard A., Rabat H., Thomann A.L., Charles C., Boswell R., Ramdutt D., Corr C., Durand J., Roualdes S., Larrieu J., Ennadjaoui A., Coutanceau C., Leger J.M.
T14 Synthesis of diamond like carbon films for various applications Ray N.R.
2P13-01 High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering: Model and experiments Burcalova K., Vlcek J., Kudlacek P.
2P13-02 The role of per-hydroxyl in the multiwall carbon nanotube growth by PECVD Chen Q., Fu Y.B., Zhang C.M., Zhang Y.F.
2P13-03 Synthesis of carbon nanoparticles from Ar/H2/C2H2 plasmas: analysis of the film properties and electron energy distribution function Camero M., Gordillo-Vázquez F.J., Gómez-Aleixandre C.
2P13-04 Synthesis of Cu and Cu2O nanopowders by pulsed discharge in solution process for catalytic application Burakov V.S., Butsen A.V., Misakov P.Y., Nevar A.A., Radkevich V.Z., Savastenko N.A., Tarasenko N.V.
2P13-05 Energy and angular dependence of incident Ar ion in dry-etching of wurtzite-type GaN crystal Harafuji K., Kawamura K.
2P13-06 Electrical discharges in liquids for nanoparticles production Burakov V.S., Savastenko N.A., Tarasenko N.V.
2P13-07 Surface modification of polyethylene and polypropylene in low-pressure plasma and in atmospheric pressure plasma-solution system Titov V., Shikova T., Rybkin V., Kulentsan A., Ageeva T., Choi H.-S.
2P13-08 Plasma sputtering deposition of PEMFC active catalytic layer Rabat H., Brault P., Caillard A., Thomann A.L.
2P13-09 Titanium thin films sputtered by a cavity hollow cathode discharge on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite Vojvodic I., Olenici S.B., Ionita C., Jaksch S., Balan P., Rasul B., Scheier P., Schrittwieser R.
2P13-10 MW plasma treatment of powder materials Spatenka P., Hladik J., Pichal J., Aubrecht L.
2P13-11 Wettability of polyester fabric controlled by an atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge Klenko Y., Pichal J., Aubrecht L.
2P13-12 Deposition of metal nanoparticles at ionic-liquid|plasma interfaces Poelleth M., Meiss S.A., Rohnke M., Kienle L., Zein El Abedin S., Endres F., Janek J.
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2P13-13 Decomposition of organic dyes with sputtered TiO2 photocatalytic films Sicha J., Musil J.
2P13-14 Effect of hydrogen on sputtering discharge and properties of TiO2 films Musil J., Ondok V.
2P13-15 Application of hybrid nano-diamond coating to cutting tools Sakudo N., Ikenaga N., Yasui H., Awazu K.
2P13-16 Silicon surface processing by quasistationary plasma flow Dojčinović I.P., Kuraica M.M., Obradović B.M., Purić J.
2P13-17 Encapsulation of plasma black nanoparticles by miniemulsion polymerization Jang H.S., Park D.W., Shim S.E.
2P13-18 SiO2 deposition using cold arc plasma jet at atmospheric pressure Han M.H., Noh J.H., Park K.W., Hwang H.S., Baik H.K., Doh G.H., Kang I.A., Lee S.Y.
2P13-19 Reactive magnetron sputtering of hard Si–B–C–N coatings with high-temperature oxidation resistance Hreben S., Kalas J., Vlcek J., Capek J., Zeman P., Perina V., Setsuhara Y.
2P13-20 Effect of methane/hydrogen mixture gases on plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for carbon nanotubes growth Okita A., Suda Y., Oda A., Nakamura J., Sugawara H., Sakai Y.
2P13-21 Plasma surface modification in relation to polymer properties Borcia C., Borcia G., Dumitrascu N.
2P13-22 Ar rf plasma effect on polymer surfaces Rusu I.A., Borcia G., Sayed S.O., Sullivan J.L.
2P13-23 Prospects of plasma-solution system application to textile material treatment Nikiforov A.Yu., Maximov A., Ermolaeva N.A.
2P13-24 Oxidation of sputtered Cu films during thermal annealing in flowing air Sasek M., Zeman P., Musil J.
2P13-25 Deposition and analysis of thin films produced in atmospheric pressure glow discharge Sira M., Buršíková V., Franta D., Trunec D.
2P13-26 Experimental and theoretical study of PECVD in model of hollow substrates Bartos P., Sedláková L., Spatenka P.
2P13-27 FTIR analysis of plasma polymerized SiOx films for diffusion barrier coatings of PET bottles Deilmann M., Pawoehner C., Awakowicz P.
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2P13-28 TiO2 thin films characterization by the polar and dispersion components of the surface free energy Horáková M., Kolouch A., Mužíčková K., Grégr J., Hajkova P., Hedánek O., Spatenka P., Pichal J.
2P13-29 Amine functionality of poly(ethylene terepthalate) films surfaces induced by chemical and RF plasma treatments Aflori M., Drobota M., Timpu D., Barboiu V.
2P13-30 Formation of carbon nanostructures by the plasma jets emitted from a pulsed capillary discharge at low pressures Favre M., Bhuyan H., Wyndham E., Avaria G., Valderrama E., Chuaqui H., Baier J.
2P13-31 Uniformalization of the AT cut quartz crystal wafer using maskless localized atmospheric pressure plasma etching process Yamamura K., Yamamoto Y., Morikawa T., Shibahara M., Mori Y.
2P13-32 Characteristics of the electric discharge in conditions of a submerged liquid flow influence Azizov E.A., Emel'yanov A.I., Rodionov N.B.
2P13-33 Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes growth on carbon layer encapsulated catalytic metal particles Mesko M., Ou Q., Matsuda T., Tanaka T., Ogino A., Nagatsu M.
2P13-34 Observation of surface and cross section of amorphous fluorocarbon films composed by perfluoro-octane plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition Yamauchi T., Koike H., Sugawara H., Suda Y., Sakai Y.
2P13-35 Application of atmospheric pressure glow discharge (APGD) for deposition of thin silica-like films on polymeric webs Starostin S., Aldea E., de Vries H., Creatore M., van de Sanden M.C.M.
2P13-36 Metallic nanoparticle evolution by low-energy ion irradiation in glow-discharge plasma Abidzina V., Tereshko I., Elkin I., Budak S., Muntele C., Ila D.
2P13-37 Plasma chemical surface functionalization of PTFE sheet through Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Liquid Deposition approach Zettsu N., Itoh H., Yamamura K.
2P13-38 Study of thickness reduction of a-C:H thin film under UV light irradiation Valtr M., Klapetek P., Ohlidal I., Duchon V.
2P13-39 Deposition of BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin films by double RF hollow cathode plasma jet system Hubicka Z., Virostko P., Olejnicek J., Deyneka A., Adamek P., Valvoda V., Jastrabik L., Sicha M., Tichy M.
2P13-40 Experimental study of the erosion of Ar/H2 plasma-facing carbon surfaces: optical emission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements Hansen T., Ledru G., Yagci G., Singh S.V., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
2P13-41 Comparison of magnetron based PECVD and high frequency PECVD for large area deposition Schmittgens R., Fahlteich J., Fahland M., Meyer B., Schönberger W., Schultheiß E.
2P13-42 Preparation of PBG fiber for ammonia concentration measuring device Pawlat J., Matsuo T., Li X., Sugiyama T., Ueda T.
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2P13-43 Surface characterization of plasma modified chitosan film using surface-wave plasma Ogino A., Kral M., Yamashita M., Nagatsu M.
2P13-44 Electric probe diagnostics of the hollow cathode plasma jet system for TiOx thin films deposition Virostko P., Hubicka Z., Kment S., Adamek P., Jastrabik L., Tichy M.
2P13-45 Deposition of thin TiOx films by surfatron generated plasma Straňák V., Kment S., Hubicka Z., Klusoň P., Krýsa J., Sichova H., Tichy M., Spatenka P.
2P13-46 Ag-Al2O3 composite thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) technology Musa G., Ekem N., Pat S., Balbag M., Contulov M., Pirpiliu G., Vladoiu R.
2P13-47 High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering of TiN films and their mechanical properties Zustin B., Burcalova K., Vlcek J., Lukas J.
2P13-48 Influence of set up parameters variation on Pulsed Laser Deposition of Glassy Carbon Mangione A., Torrisi L.
2P13-49 Influence of the geometrical parameters on the thickness of carbon thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) technology Musa G., Vladoiu R., Mandes A., Dinca V., Pat S., Ekem N.
2P13-50 Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge assisted deposition of water repellent films from N2/HMDSO mixtures on wood surface Odraskova M., Szalay Z., Rahel J., Zahoranova A., Cernak M.
2P13-51 Effect of substrate biasing on amino group addition on polyethylene surface using time-modulated surface-wave plasma Kral M., Ogino A., Narushima K., Yamashita M., Nagatsu M.
2P13-52 Microfabrication process and power supply for tilt measurement device Matsuo T., Pawlat J., Liang J., Kohsaka F., Ueda T.
2P13-53 Etching of organic low dielectric constant film in 100MHz capacitively coupled H2/N2 gases plasmas Yamamoto H., Takashima S., Takeda K., Kawauchi R., Takahashi S., Den S., Sekine M., Hori M.
2P13-54 Fabrication of submicron-dot-arrayed carbon nanotube emitters using DC plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition Matsuda T., Ishikawa T., Mesko M., Ogino A., Nagatsu M.
2P13-55 Surface analysis by plasma assisted desorption ionisation mass spectrometry (PADI-MS) Whitmore T.D., Gonzalvo Y., Greenwood C.L., Rees J.A., Ratcliffe L.V., Barrett D.A., Rutten F.J.M., McCoustra M.R.S.