Topic number 12:
"Complex and dusty plasmas"
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T04 Numerical experiments on complex plasmas: 2D Yukawa systems Hartmann P., Donko Z., Kalman G.J.
T06 Effective grane interaction in dusty plasmas: theoretical description and numerical simulation Zagorodny A., Bystrenko O., Bystrenko T., Filippov A.V., Momot A., Pal A.F., Starostin A.N.
WA6 Long-living plasmoids from a water discharge at atmospheric pressure Juettner B., Noack S., Versteegh A., Fussmann G.
5P12-01 Dust particle charging in DC glow discharge plasma Sukhinin G.I., Fedoseev A.V., Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Amangaliyeva R.
5P12-02 Kinetic description of attraction of likely charged grains in dusty plasmas Tsytovich V.N.
5P12-03 Velocity autocorrelation functions of dusty particles obtained by the Langevin dynamics Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Dosbolaev M.K., Jumabekov A.N.
5P12-04 Damping of Langmuir- and ion-acoustic waves due to charge spread on dust particles using a Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook-like term for dust particle charging Oien A.H.
5P12-05 Long-living plasmoids from a water discharge at atmospheric pressure Juettner B., Noack S., Versteegh A., Fussmann G.
5P12-06 Numerical simulations of interactions of warm plasmas and a dust-grain Miloch W., Pécseli H.L., Trulsen J.
5P12-07 Analysis of the particle vibrations in 3D plasma clusters Antonova T., Annaratone B.M., Thomas H.M., Morfill G.E.
5P12-08 Charging and shielding of an emitting dust grain in weakly-ionized plasma in hydrodynamic approximation Dyachkov L.G., Khrapak A.G., Khrapak S.A.
5P12-09 Structures and charge of dust particles in gas discharges at cryogenic temperatures Antipov S.N., Asinovskii E.I., Kirillin A.V., Maiorov S.A., Markovets V.V., Petrov O.F.
5P12-10 Three dimensional diagnostics of dusty plasma structures in glow discharge Statsenko K.B., Khrustalyov Yu.V., Vasiliev M.M., Antipov S.N., Petrov O.F., Fortov V.E.
5P12-11 Variations of field emission from dust grains Pavlu J., Richterova I., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z.
5P12-12 Void dynamics and dust particles distribution in complex reactive RF plasmas Stefanovic I., Kovacevic E., Berndt J., Winter J.
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5P12-13 Ion flow characteristics in experiments with dusty plasma structures Antipov S.N., Maiorov S.A.
5P12-14 Rotation of a nanoparticle cloud in an inductively coupled plasma induced by weak static magnetic fields Schulze M., Consoli A., von Keudell A., Awakowicz P.
5P12-15 Ar+ treatment influence on secondary electron spectra from dust grains Richterova I., Fujita D., Pavlu J., Nemecek Z., Safrankova J.
5P12-16 Kinetic processes in combustion dusty plasma Starik A.M., Savel'ev A.M., Titova N.S.
5P12-17 The influence of the gas mixture on the material properties of plasma polymerized nanoparticles Kovacevic E., Berndt J., Stefanovic I., Strunskus T., Becker H.W., Godde C., Winter J.
5P12-18 Size-dependent effect of nanoparticles on capacitively coupled radio frequency discharge Schweigert I.V., Peeters F.M.