Topic number 11:
"Thermal plasmas"
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4P11-01 Gas heating by controlled impulse arc Korytchenko K.V., Zakutin V.V., Reshetnyak N.G., Chertischev I.O., Smorodskiy A.M.
4P11-02 Dynamic behaviours of induction thermal plasmas sustained by arbitrary-waveform modulated coil current Tanaka Y., Morishita Y., Okunaga K., Fushie S., Uesugi Y.
4P11-03 Spectroscopic study of recombination continuum in arc-heated cold expanding plasma jet Ohno Y., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
4P11-04 Modelling radiative heat transfer in thermal plasmas Lacombe J.G., Delannoy Y., Trassy C.
4P11-05 Study of low-voltage circuit breaker by analysis of complex spectra including the self-reversed profiles of CuI resonance lines Ciobanu S.S., Hong D., Bauchire J.M., Gentils F.
4P11-06 Influence of evaporated vapor from cathode on anode potential drop in low vacuum arc Ishizaka K., Arai Y., Sugimoto M., Takeda K.
4P11-07 High voltage alternating current plasma generators with power up to 50 kW for plasmochemical applications Rutberg Ph.G., Popov S.D., Safronov A.A., Surov A.V., Serba E.O., Nakonechny Gh.V.
4P11-08 Investigation on the random walk of cathode spot in vacuum arc Shi Z.Q., Xiao J., Jia S.L., Liu Z.G., Wang L.J.
4P11-09 3D modelling of the cathodic arc root movement in a hollow cathode of a thermal plasma torch Freton P., Gonzalez J.J., Gleizes A., Conte D.
4P11-10 Alternating current electric arc plasma generators Rutberg Ph.G., Safronov A.A., Surov A.V., Popov S.D.
4P11-11 Emission coefficients of low temperature iron-helium plasma mixture Moscicki T., Hoffman J., Szymanski Z.
4P11-12 Thermal plasma diagnostic method based on the ratio of plasma radiation emitted in various spectral regions Rouffet M.E., Cressault Y., Gleizes A.
4P11-13 Research and development of electrodes for alternating current plasma generators for oxidizing working gases Rutberg Ph.G., Kuznetsov V.E., Kuzmin K.A., Ovchinnikov R.V., Spodobin V.A., Shiryaev V.N.
4P11-14 Arc-cathode interaction model Cayla F., Gonzalez J.J., Freton P.
4P11-15 Transport of high fluxes of hydrogen plasma in a linear plasma generator Vijvers W.A.J., Al R.S., Lopes Cardozo N.J., Goedheer W.J., de Groot B., Kleyn A.W., van der Meiden H.J., van de Peppel R.J.E., Schram D.C., Shumack A.E., Westerhout J., van Rooij G.J.
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4P11-16 Modelling of near-cathode layers in high-pressure arc discharges Almeida N.A., Benilov M.S., Naidis G.V.
4P11-17 Gaseous thermionic vacuum arc (G-TVA) – a new method for carbon film deposition from evaporating liquids or gases Musa G., Vladoiu R., Surdu-Bob C., Lungu C.P., Ciupina V., Stoica A., Prodan G.
4P11-18 Modeling of a high current vacuum arc in a transverse magnetic field and influence of the electrode gap on the arc motion Delachaux T., Fritz O., Gentsch D., Schade E., Shmelev D.L.
4P11-19 Influence of thermal non-equilibrium on air and water plasma composition Hingana H., Teulet Ph., Cressault Y., Gleizes A., Riahi R., Ben Lakhdar Z.
4P11-20 Mode changes on thermionic cathodes: I. Sensitivity study Benilov M.S., Cunha M.D.
4P11-21 Mode changes on thermionic cathodes: II. Preventing transient spots Almeida P.G.C., Benilov M.S., Cunha M.D.
4P11-22 Processes in Gerdien arc generated by hybrid gas-water torch Kavka T., Chumak O., Sember V., Hrabovsky M.
4P11-23 Measurement of excitation and ionization temperatures in an expanding H2O-Ar DC arcjet Sember V., Maslani A.