Topic number 10:
"Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressures"
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G01 Generation of high-pressure, non-thermal plasmas in discharges in small geometries Pitchford L.
G02 Plasma-assisted combustion using nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges Laux C.O.
T03 Nanoparticles from atmospheric pressure microdischarges Brunelli N., Giapis K.P., Flagan R.C.
T16 Time- and spatially-resolved characterization of electrical discharge machining plasma Descoeudres A., Hollenstein Ch., Wälder G., Demellayer R., Perez R.
T20 Plasma modelling with Plasimo – design and applications van Dijk J.
WA5 The role of reactor and power supply design on chemical and physical processes in liquid and gas-liquid electrical discharges Lukes P., Clupek M., Babicky V., Sunka P.
3P10-01 Fast imaging of oscillatory streamer discharge in dense air Agneray A., Auzas F., Makarov M., Jaffrezic X., Puech V., Tardiveau P.
3P10-02 Measurements and numerical simulations of fluorescent light spatial distributions for high pressure Ne and N2 excited by 12 keV electron beams Morozov A., Wieser J., Krücken R., Ulrich A.
3P10-03 Measurement of gas temperature and OH density in pulsed positive corona discharge Ono R., Oda T.
3P10-04 Simulation of discharge phenomena evolved at wire explosion in vacuum Baksht R.B., Beilis I.I., Oreshkin V., Rousskikh A.
3P10-05 Negative corona discharge fed by oxygen with electronegative gas impurities (N2O) Orszagh J., Skalny J.D., Mason N.J.
3P10-06 Comparison between a hydrogen - filled gap breakdown and a breakdown along exploding tungsten fine wire Rousskikh A., Oreshkin V., Labetsky A., Shishlov A., Chaikovsky S.A.
3P10-07 Preliminary results in atmospheric pressure Ar-He microwave sustained discharges Muñoz J., Santiago I., Luque J.M., Calzada M.D.
3P10-08 Effect of gas heating on excimer distribution in DBD Xe excimer lamp Akashi H., Oda A., Sakai Y.
3P10-09 Effect of surface charge on ignition of RF impulse discharge used for surface MgO coating in a small-diameter glass tube Muraoka T., Iizuka S.
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3P10-10 Plasma characteristics in air and vapor bubbles in water Bruggeman P., Degroote J., Leys C., Vierendeels J.
3P10-11 Axial study of a neon surface-wave-sustained-discharge at atmospheric pressure Sáinz A., García M.C., Sáez M., Calzada M.D.
3P10-12 Characterization of microplasma jets at atmospheric pressure Souza Correa J.A., Oliveira C., Gomes M.P., Sismanoglu B.N., Amorim J.
3P10-13 Numerical investigations of the integral of specific action of current for electrically exploded wires Oreshkin V., Barengolts S.A., Chaikovsky S.A.
3P10-14 Fundamental characteristics of microwave discharge type plasma source under atmosphere pressure Kobayashi A., Takao Y., Komurasaki K.
3P10-15 Electrical and thermal characterisation of a very low power atmospheric pressure He plasma Anghel S.D., Simon A.
3P10-16 Ignition of hydrocarbon-containing mixtures by nonequilibrium plasma. Experiment and numerical modelling Aleksandrov N.L., Kindisheva S.V., Kosarev I.N., Starikovskaia S.M., Starikovskii A.
3P10-17 Dynamics of relay electric breakdown along gas bubble chain in a liquid Akishev Yu.S., Aponin G.I., Grushin M.E., Karalnik V.B., Petryakov F., Trushkin N.I.
3P10-18 Influence of negative ions on the humidity effect on the first corona inception Ortéga P., Rodiere M., Diaz R., Heilbronner F., Rühling F.
3P10-19 Atmospheric correction factor for impulse breakdown voltage Ortéga P., Waters R.T., Haddad A., Hameed R., Davies A.J.
3P10-20 Study of homogeneous DBD with fine wire meshes and PET films in air at atmospheric pressure Mao T., Guan Z., Luo H., Liang Z., Wang X., Jia Z., Wang L.
3P10-21 Properties of the MHCD in xenon Lee B.-J., Rahaman H., Frank K., Mares L., Biborosch D.-L.
3P10-22 Gliding discharge oxidation of hydrocarbons in the process of waste destruction Opalinska T., Kowalska E., Radomska J., Ulejczyk B.
3P10-23 Volumetric atmospheric pressure glow discharge maintained by self-sustained dc glow discharge in helium Arkhipenko V.I., Callegari Th., Pitchford L., Safronau Ya.A., Simonchik L.V.
3P10-24 Atmospheric pressure air glow discharge in a three-electrode configuration Arkhipenko V.I., Callegari Th., Pitchford L., Safronau Ya.A., Simonchik L.V.
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3P10-25 Self absorbed lines analysis of a recombining laser induced metallic plasma Ribiere M., Cheron B.G., Bultel A.
3P10-26 Spectroscopic study of the negative corona discharge in liquid and supercritical 4He Li Z., Bonifaci N., Denat A., Atrazhev V.M., Shakhatov V.A.
3P10-27 Influence of the gas flow rate on the column length and the electron density in an argon surface wave sustained discharge at atmospheric pressure Martínez-Aguilar J., Castaños-Martínez E., García M.C., Calzada M.D.
3P10-28 On the source of runaway electrons in a pulsed gas discharge Mesyats G.A.
3P10-29 Optical and electrical characteristics of dielectric coplanar surface barrier discharge in nitrogen Simek M., Homola T.
3P10-30 Efficiency of ozone production by dielectric coplanar surface barrier discharge in synthetic air Simek M., Homola T.
3P10-31 Discharge in the gas channel with liquid walls as generator of non-thermal plasma at atmospheric pressure Prysiazhnevych I.V., Yukhymenko V.V., Chernyak V.Ya., Olshevskiy S.V., Naumov V.V., Skalny J.D., Matejcik S., Verovchuk M.O., Sidoruk S.M.
3P10-32 Kinetic model analysis of C3H8 plasma for olefin synthesis in microplasma reactors Agiral A., Trionfetti C., Seshan K., Lefferts L., Gardeniers J.G.E.
3P10-33 CN(B2S+®X2S+) violet system emission in a N2-CH4 atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge Scarduelli G., Franceschi P., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-34 Generation and characteristics of rf discharge plasmas in contact with ionic liquids under low gas pressure Baba K., Kaneko T., Hatakeyama R.
3P10-35 Electrohydrodynamic properties of surface dielectric barrier discharges in ambient air for aerodynamic airflow control Pons J., Moreau E., Touchard G.
3P10-36 Atmospheric pressure RF discharge in argon: optical diagnostic, fluid model and applications Balcon N., Aanesland A., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boswell R., Boeuf J.-P.
3P10-37 Degradation of persistent materials by pulsed barrier discharge generated in gas-liquid two-phase flow Yasuoka K., Katayama H., Ishii S.
3P10-38 Positive point-to-plane corona discharge in air: electrical and optical analysis Merbahi N., Eichwald O., Dubois D., Abahazem A., Yousfi M.
3P10-39 Characteristics of dielectric barrier discharge reactor for material treatment Kostov K.G., Honda R.Y., Kayama M.E., Alves L.S.M.
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3P10-40 UV emissions from an unipolar sub-ms pulsed DBD in He-Air mixtures Pipa A., Schmidt M., Becker K.
3P10-41 The ozone generation in positive and negative DC corona discharges fed by dry oxygen: Effect of gas flow rate Orszagh J., Horvath G., Matejcik S., Skalny J.D., Mason N.J.
3P10-42 An immersed boundary method to simulate positive streamer propagation in point-to-plane geometry in air Zeghondy B., Célestin S., Bourdon A., Ségur P., Bessieres D., Paillol J.
3P10-43 A chemical model for the atmospheric pressure plasma reforming of methane with oxygen Matin N.S., Whitehead J.C.
3P10-44 Atomic oxygen density in the effluent of an RF-excited atmospheric pressure plasma jet: Measurements, modelling, mechanisms Reuter S., Niemi K., Schulz-von der Gathen V., Doebele H.F.
3P10-45 Structure formation in a DC-driven "barrier" discharge: stability analysis and numerical solutions Ebert U., Rafatov I.R., Sijacic D.D.
3P10-46 Comparison of the classical integral model with Eddington approximation and Helmholtz equation based models for photoionization produced by non-thermal gas discharges in air Bourdon A., Pasko V.P., Liu N.Y., Célestin S., Ségur P., Marode E.
3P10-47 The effect of diluting gas on hydrocarbons decomposition in gliding discharge Opalinska T., Ulejczyk B., Pawlowski S.
3P10-48 Chemistry of methane-nitrogen in a dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure Scarduelli G., Franceschi P., Guella G., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-49 Chemical processes in nitrogen-benzene plasmas at atmospheric pressure Franceschi P., Guella G., Scarduelli G., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-50 Sliding discharge study in axisymmetric configuration Zouzou N., Takashima K., Moreau E., Mizuno A., Touchard G.
3P10-51 Near room-temperature sub-microsecond pulsed plasma jet in flowing atmospheric argon Walsh J.L., Kong M.G.
3P10-52 Experimental investigation of subnanosecond gas breakdown in the E/p range 103 to 105 V/cm torr Krompholz H., Hatfield L., Neuber A., Chaparro J., Justis W.
3P10-53 On the interaction of UV light with the surface charge in N2 surface DBD de Benedictis S., Ambrico P.F., Dilecce G., Simek M.
3P10-54 Transient spark discharge in N2/CO2/H2O mixtures at atmospheric pressure Janda M., Machala Z.
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3P10-55 DBD for aerodynamic flow control: numerical investigation and coupling with computational fluid dynamics Unfer T., Lagmich Y., Rogier F., Thivet F., Boeuf J.-P.
3P10-56 High-voltage pulsed discharge along the water surface. Electric and spectral characteristics Anpilov A.M., Barkhudarov E.M., Kop'ev V.A., Kossyi I.A.
3P10-57 Spectral analysis of the light emitted from streamers in liquid CCl4 Ingebrigtsen S., Bonifaci N., Denat A., Lesaint O.
3P10-58 Characterization of plasma needle with an additional grounded ring Lazovic S., Puaè N., Malovic G., Dordevic A.R., Petrovic Z.Lj.
3P10-59 Seed electron model for Monte Carlo HPM breakdown model Neuber A., Edmiston G.F., Krompholz H.
3P10-60 Numerical simulation and comparison with experiment for a positive point to plane corona discharges in dry air Ducasse O., Eichwald O., Merbahi N., Dubois D., Yousfi M.
3P10-61 Numerical simulations of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges in He at different operating conditions Martens T., Bogaerts A., Brok W.J.M., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
3P10-62 Plasma discharges at atmospheric pressure for boundary layer separation control and neutral flow propulsion Martins A.A., Pinheiro M.J.
3P10-63 Temporal and spatial evolution of the reactive species in a pulsed-DBD in He Chiper A.S., Cazan R., Pohoata V., Popa G.
3P10-64 Parallel operation of micro-hollow-cathode sustained discharge Maeyama M., Ishigaya A., Takamine Y., Akashi Y.
3P10-65 Large-scaled line plasma production by evanescent microwave in a narrow rectangular waveguide Abdel Fattah E., Suzuki M., Kitamura Y., Shindo H.
3P10-66 Corona discharge and flow characteristics of wire-plate type electrohydrodynamic gas pumps: ground plate convergent angle effect Chang J.S., Tsubone H., Buenconsejo N., Ueno J., Harvel G.D., Mizeraczyk J., Urashima K.
3P10-67 The two-dimensional spectroscopic investigation of the development of the coplanar dielectric barrier discharge in synthetic air at atmospheric pressure Hoder T., Sira M., Kozlov K.V., Wagner H.-E.
3P10-68 Ozone generation by micro-plasma devices: feasibility study Fateev A., Stamate E., Michelsen P.
3P10-69 Creation of DC diaphragm discharge in electrolytes Stara Z., Krcma F., Slavicek P., Aubrecht V.
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3P10-70 Breakdown of the DC diaphragm discharge in selected water solutions Prochazkova J., Stara Z., Krcma F.
3P10-71 Optical emission spectroscopy of the barrier torch discharge Chichina M., Churpita O., Hubicka Z., Kment S., Tichy M.
3P10-72 Numerical study of microhollow cathode discharges: influence of discharge geometry on the current–voltage characteristic Makasheva K., Boeuf J.-P., Pitchford L.
3P10-73 Collective effect in the streamer ignition of surface discharges Allegraud K., Guaitella O., Rousseau A.
3P10-74 Properties of back ionisation cold plasma reactor with gas permeable electrodes Kacprzyk R., Mista W.
3P10-75 Atmospheric pressure discharge in coaxial type electrodes operated with DC voltage Ando A., Kumagai T., Hattori K., Inutake M.
3P10-76 Measurements and simulations of the ionic wind produced by a DC corona discharge between cylindrical wires Berard P., Lacoste D.A., Laux C.O.
3P10-77 Influence of electrode temperature on plasma parameters of diffuse coplanar surface discharge Cech J., Brablec A., Stahel P., Cernak M.
3P10-78 Memory effect on the spatio-temporal self-organization of streamers in a DBD Célestin S., Canes-Boussard G., Guaitella O., Bourdon A., Rousseau A.
3P10-79 Application of back ionisation phenomenon in a construction of cold plasma reactors Kacprzyk R., Mista W.
3P10-80 Transmission-line analysis of streamers and leaders Fernsler R.F., Lampe M., Slinker S.P., Gordon D.F., Sprangle P.
3P10-81 Optically transparent microplasma devices and arrays fabricated by polymer-based replica molding Park S.-J., Lu M., Zheng J., Anderson T.S., Cunningham B.T., Eden J.G.
3P10-82 Comparative spectroscopic study of dielectric barrier discharge in rare gases Ledru G., Merbahi N., Sewraj N., Marchal F.
3P10-83 Nonequilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jets with a single electrode and their applications to chemical reactions and sterilization Kitano K., Furusho H., Nagasaki Y., Ikawa S., Hamaguchi S.
3P10-84 Spatial-time modulations of VUV-VIS emission of high pressure pulsed volume discharge in argon Lissovski A.A., Treshchalov A.B.
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3P10-85 Study of the reactivity of a microplasma Aubert X., Pipa A., Röpcke J., Rousseau A.
3P10-86 Pulsed corona investigations with a wide parameter range Briels T.M.P., van Veldhuizen E.M., Pemen A.J.M., Winands G.J.J., Ebert U.
3P10-87 Characterization of discharges in atmospheric pressure air at 300-1000 K generated by nanosecond pulses repetitively applied at 2-30 kHz Pai D., Lacoste D.A., Stancu G.D., Laux C.O.
3P10-88 An atmospheric pressure coaxial DBD reactor under bi-polar pulsed HV excitation Panousis E., Clement F., Proimadis K., Loiseau J.F., Held B., Marlin L.
3P10-89 Comparison between experimental and modelling results of an atmospheric pressure N2 DBD discharge under 130 kHz sinusoidal excitation Panousis E., Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N., Loiseau J.F., Held B., Clement F.
3P10-90 Light emission characteristics of micro-discharge array devices Waskönig J., O'Connell D., Schulz-von der Gathen V., Winter J.
3P10-91 Electrical and optical observations of an RF-driven micro-discharge source and plume Mahony C.M.O., Gans T., Graham W.G., Maguire P.D., Petrovic Z.Lj.
3P10-92 Optimization of large-scale DBD plasmas: Mechanism and implications for improved ozone generation Vezzu G., Merz R., Gisler R., Paolini B., Lopez J., Freilich A., Becker K.
3P10-93 The effects of methane contamination in dielectric barrier discharge ozone generators Lopez J., Vezzu G., Freilich A., Pitchford L., Belkind A., Becker K.
3P10-94 Electrical and emission studies of a large area, uniform dielectric barrier discharge operating in polymer film processing mode Graham W.G., Della Croce D., Hynes A.M., O'Neill L., Dowling D., Twomey B., Byrne G.
3P10-95 Underwater discharge and water filled capillary discharge Ceccato P., Rousseau A.
3P10-96 Discharge plasmas generated by piezoelectric transformer and their applications: material effect of dielectric barrier electrode on ozone generation Teranishi K., Itoh H., Shimomura N., Suzuki S.
3P10-97 Characterization of a low current-high voltage air arc discharge at high pressure Petitpas G., Gonzalez-Aguilar J., Darmon A., Metkemeijer R., Fulcheri L.
3P10-98 Generation of DC-driven non-thermal plasma in atmospheric pressure air Choi J., Namihira T., Katsuki S., Akiyama H.
PD-02 Physical characteristics of atmospheric pressure glow discharge with liquid electrolyte cathode (water and CuCl2 solutions) Kulentsan A., Rybkin V., Titov V., Smirnov S.
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PD-03 Plasma treatment of microfluidic components Dziubek A., Kurrat M.