Topic number 9:
"High frequency discharges"
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T12 Analytic modeling and kinetic simulation of high-frequency/multiple-frequency capacitively coupled plasmas Kim H.C., Lee J.K.
T21 Microwave discharges in molecular gases driven by surface waves Tatarova E.
T23 Exotic phenomena in plasmas at extremely low pressure O'Connell D., Gans T., Crintea D.L., Czarnetzki U., Sadeghi N.
5P09-01 General dispersion relation for microwave gas breakdown in the presence of static magnetic field Ghorbanalilu M.
5P09-02 Excitation of whistler modes by a loop antenna in helicon discharge plasmas Eskin V.A., Kudrin A.V.
5P09-03 Temperatures of H(n=2) and D(n=2) in H2, D2, and H2/D2 mixture plasmas excited by helicon-wave discharges Sasaki K., Okumura Y.
5P09-04 Dissociative mode of RF capacitive discharge in low-pressure SF6 Lisovskiy V., Booth J.-P., Jolly J., Landry K., Douai D., Cassagne V., Yegorenkov V.
5P09-05 Plasma production using one turn internal loop antenna by means of radio frequency discharge Fujita H., Aramaki K., Ohtsu Y.
5P09-06 Nonlinear spatial profiles of plasma parameters in a magnetized inductive radio-frequency discharge Popescu S., Ohtsu Y., Fujita H.
5P09-07 Transition phenomena and striations in inductively coupled radio-frequency plasma studied by optical emission spectroscopy Cutic N., Glavan N., Kregar Z., Krstulovic N., Milosevic S.
5P09-08 Operating stability diagram for the plasma needle used as deactivation agent for E. Coli bacteria Simon A., Anghel S.D., Papp J.
5P09-09 Modes of low-pressure longitudinal combined (RF/DC) and dual-frequency discharges Lisovskiy V., Booth J.-P., Kharchenko N., Yegorenkov V.
5P09-10 The role of the capacitive component in the low pressure RF inductive discharge Alexandrov A.F., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Rukhadze A.A., Savinov V.P.
5P09-11 One more mechanism leading to the hysteresis of the RF inductive discharge transition from low to high density mode Alexandrov A.F., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Rukhadze A.A., Savinov V.P.
5P09-12 Study of a radio frequency plasma for production of equivalents of Titan's aerosols Cavarroc M., Alcouffe G., Boufendi L., Cernogora G., Szopa C.
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5P09-13 About the electron stochastic heating in the capacitively coupled low-pressure discharge Tatanova M., Golubovskii Yu.B., Tsendin L.D., Thieme G., Basner R., Kersten H.
5P09-14 Evidence for nanoparticles in microwave-generated fireballs by synchrotron X-ray scattering Mitchell J.B.A., LeGarrec J.L., Sztucki M., Narayanan T., Dikhtyar V., Jerby E.
5P09-15 Theoretical study of ion energy distribution function in dual frequency RF discharges Ivanov V.V., Kovalev A.S., Mankelevich Yu.A., Olevanov M.A., Proshina O.V., Rakhimova T.V., Voloshin D.G.
5P09-16 Analytical calculation of ion energy distribution function in dual frequency RF discharges Olevanov M.A., Rakhimova T.V., Voloshin D.G.
5P09-17 Studies on a microwave-heated plasma torch Leins M., Baumgaertner K.-M., Schulz A., Walker M., Schumacher U., Stroth U.
5P09-18 Heavy particle impact excitation of atomic oxygen in front of the powered electrode of oxygen rf plasmas - Experiment and PIC-simulation Dittmann K., Matyash K., Bronold F.X., Schneider R., Fehske H., Meichsner J.
5P09-19 Spatial and phase resolved optical emission pattern in sheath region of capacitive coupled rf plasmas Nemschockmichal S., Dittmann K., Meichsner J.
5P09-20 Atmospheric pressure microwave H2O plasma source and its solid surface cleaning application Unno M., Ono S.
5P09-21 Experimental study of dual frequency RF discharges in argon for different gas pressures Braginsky O.V., Kovalev A.S., Lopaev D.V., Rakhimova T.V., Rakhimov A.T., Voloshin D.G., Vasilieva A.N.
5P09-22 Production of N2+ in positive column of HF discharge in He/N2 mixture Raud J., Laan M.
5P09-23 Production of hydrogen using atmospheric pressure microwave plasma source operated at high flow rate Jasinski M., Dors M., Mizeraczyk J.
5P09-24 RF-biasing of highly idealized plasmas Westermann R.H.J., Blauw M.A., Goedheer W.J., van de Sanden M.C.M.
5P09-25 Mechanism of microwave guiding and plasma generation in below cutoff dimensions Bhattacharjee S., Mathew J.V., Amemiya H., Sen A.
5P09-26 Evolution of electron temperature and density distributions in the inter-electrode gap of DF CCP discharge during the rf period Braginsky O.V., Kovalev A.S., Lopaev D.V., Rakhimova T.V., Rakhimov A.T., Voloshin D.G., Vasilieva A.N.
5P09-27 Electron diffusion in intense high frequency electromagnetic fields Bhattacharjee S., Dey I., Jain S., Amemiya H.
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5P09-28 Large low pressure, high power RF sources for negative hydrogen ions for fusion applications Fantz U., Franzen P., Falter H.D., Kraus W., Berger M., Christ-Koch S., Fröschle M., Gutser R., Heinemann B., Martens C., McNeely P., Riedl R., Speth E., Wünderlich D.
5P09-29 Measurement of ions in H2 - N2 capacitively coupled discharge Dvorak P., Janca J.
5P09-30 High-density microwave plasma spots produced by multi-hollow window technique Nakao S., Sugai H.
5P09-31 Electron production processes in neon rf breakdown Sasaki N., Shoji M., Uchida Y.
5P09-32 Comparison of rf barrier discharge generated by plasma pencil and low frequency variant at atmospheric pressure Slavicek P., Brablec A., Kapicka V., Kadlecova J., Smekal P., Vanek P., Klima M.
5P09-33 Microwave surface-wave excited plasma as a source of high energy electron beam for polymer cross-linking Husarik J., Sahara T., Siry M., Kando M.
5P09-34 High frequency behaviour of dual frequency capacitively coupled plasmas Semmler E., Awakowicz P., Ziegler D., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P.
5P09-35 On the skin effect in symmetrically driven rf discharges Mussenbrock T., Hemke T., Ziegler D., Brinkmann R.P., Klick M.
5P09-36 Influence of discharge tube wall thickness on surface-wave discharge parameters Czylkowski D., Nowakowska H., Mizeraczyk J., Zakrzewski Z.
5P09-37 Electron dynamics in capacitively coupled RF discharges Schulze J., Heil B.G., Luggenhölscher D., Kampschulte T., Czarnetzki U.
5P09-38 Space and phase resolved electron energy distribution functions in an industrial dual-frequency capacitively coupled radio-frequency discharge Schulze J., Gans T., O'Connell D., Czarnetzki U., Ellingboe A.R., Turner M.M.
5P09-39 Observation of transient electron density rise in an afterglow H2 plasma with confined capacitive radio-frequency source Gaman C., Karkari S.K., Ellingboe A.R.
5P09-40 Experimental investigation of a low pressure RF CO2 plasma: Towards a new chemical kinetic scheme of the martian re-entry Rond C., Bultel A., Boubert P., Fryer C., Cheron B.G.
5P09-41 A spectroscopic investigation of a water-vapor microwave plasma source Tatarova E., Dias F.M., Gordiets B., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-42 Microwave air plasma torch Gordiets B., Tatarova E., Henriques J., Felizardo E., Dias F.M., Pinheiro M.J., Ganachev I., Ferreira C.M.
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5P09-43 Selective emission of a two-lines spectrum in a.c. plasmas Musa G., Surdu-Bob C., Vladoiu R.
5P09-44 Modelling of a large-scale N2-Ar microwave plasma source Henriques J., Tatarova E., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-45 Window breakdown: transition from vacuum multipactor to collisional microwave discharge Verboncoeur J.P., Kim H.C., Lau Y.Y.
5P09-46 Atmospheric N2 - Ar wave driven discharge Henriques J., Felizardo E., Tatarova E., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-47 Surface wave driven microwave plasma torch Felizardo E., Henriques J., Tatarova E., Dias F.M., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-48 Radio-frequency dielectric-barrier glow discharges in atmospheric argon Shi J.J., Liu D.W., Kong M.G.