Topic number 8:
"Low pressure discharges"
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T10 Neutral depletion and transport in low pressure plasmas Fruchtman A.
T15 Diagnostics of N2 and O2 dissociation in RF plasmas by vacuum ultraviolet emission and absorption spectroscopy Nakano T., Kitajima T., Samukawa S., Makabe T.
T18 Time and space resolved electron temperature distribution in a Penning-type opposed target magnetron during pulsed DC sputtering Moiseev T., Cameron D.C.
5P08-01 Revisiting the Bohm criterion for a plasma with two positive ion species Franklin R.N.
5P08-02 Radial distribution of the excessively Doppler broaded hydrogen Balmer alpha line in a titanium hollow cathode glow discharge Sisovic N.M., Majstorovic G.Lj., Konjevic N.
5P08-03 Radial distribution of the excessively Doppler broaded deuterium Balmer alpha line in a titanium hollow cathode glow discharge Majstorovic G.Lj., Sisovic N.M., Konjevic N.
5P08-04 Investigation of energy flux density at a substrate in a pulsed DC magnetron discharge Cada M., Clarke G.C.B., Kelly P.J., Bradley J.W.
5P08-05 Electron distribution function in R-striations in an inert gas discharge Golubovskii Yu.B., Skoblo A.Yu., Wilke Ch., Kozakov R.V.
5P08-06 Evaluation of EEDF in microwave discharge plasma by spectroscopic characteristics Mizuochi J., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
5P08-07 Production of a hollow-type magnetron RF discharge plasma and its application to deposition of carbon related materials Emi J., Iizuka S.
5P08-08 Influence of second-kind collisions on the electron distribution function in a He-Xe dc discharge Golubovskii Yu.B., Loffhagen D., Porokhova I.A., Puzyrev D.A., Sigeneger F.
5P08-09 Plasma decay in N2, CO2 and H2O excited by high-voltage nanosecond discharge Aleksandrov N.L., Kindisheva S.V., Kirpichnikov A.A., Kosarev I.N., Starikovskaia S.M., Starikovskii A.
5P08-10 On re-evaporation of barium and electrical conduction in its vapor in photoplasma studies Majumder A., Jana B., Kathar P.T., Das A.K., Mago V.K.
5P08-11 Time-resolved Langmuir probe diagnostics of high-power pulsed dc magnetron discharges during deposition of copper films Pajdarova A.D., Vlcek J., Kudlacek P., Lukas J., Musil J.
5P08-12 Experimental investigation on the instability of the positive column in oxygen Testrich H., Wilke Ch., Reimer R., Wagner H.-E.
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5P08-13 Spatial and temporal distributions of argon metastable atom densities in high-pressure magnetron sputtering plasmas Nafarizal N., Takada N., Nakamura K., Ikeda M., Sago Y., Sasaki K.
5P08-14 Transport properties of the electron component in oxygen plasmas Grubert G.K., Loffhagen D., Sigeneger F.
5P08-15 Effect of applied voltage property on ignition voltage of fluorescent lamp under light irradiation Hamamoto M., Kai S., Haizaki T., Ishibashi M.
5P08-16 Study of a switched dc electrical discharge operating as plasma antenna Stoican O.S.
5P08-17 Experimental and theoretical investigations of a helium-xenon discharge in spot mode Winter J., Lange H., Porokhova I.A., Sigeneger F., Loffhagen D.
5P08-18 Triple probe measurements in a pulsed magnetron discharge Bryant P.M., Voronin S.A., Vetushka A., Bradley J.W.
5P08-19 VHF discharge sustained in a small hole Koga K., Nakamura W.M., Shiratani M.
5P08-20 Model of reactive magnetron sputtering process with non-uniform discharge current density Vasina P., Hytkova T., Elias M.
5P08-21 Experimental observations in a Titanium z-pinch plasma Wyndham E., Favre M., Valdivia P.
5P08-22 Low-pressure breakdown and voltage-current characteristics of dc discharge in CF4 Skoro N., Malovic G., Maric D., Petrovic Z.Lj.
5P08-23 The influence of an external magnetic field on a "macro" hollow cathode discharge in argon Biborosch D.-L., Lee B.-J., McGurk J., Mares L., Frank K.
5P08-24 Dependence of electrical breakdown mechanisms on gas electronegativity Loncar B., Vujisic M., Arandjic D., Osmokrovic P.
5P08-25 Mechanisms of electrical breakdown in vacuum diodes Loncar B., Vujisic M., Stankovic K., Osmokrovic P.
5P08-26 Impedance of an oxygen DC-discharge Richter A., Testrich H., Wilke Ch., Wagner H.-E.
5P08-27 Spatial velocity and flux distributions of sputtered Ti atoms determined by using blue diode laser in a low pressure magnetron discharge Vitelaru C., de Poucques L., Minea T.M., Bretagne J., Popa G.
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5P08-28 N atom diagnostics in pulsed RF discharges Jasik J., Kristof J., Martisovits V., Macko P., Veis P.
5P08-29 Study of nitrogen molecular systems observed in NIR spectra in DBD at near and over atmospheric pressure Cermak P., Varga J., Macko P., Martisovits V., Veis P.
5P08-30 Influence of reactor geometry in capacitively coupled neutral loop discharges (CCP-NLD) Vural M., Sirin F., Brinkmann R.P.
5P08-31 Comparative study of density profiles in two divertor plasma simulators: DiPS and MP2 Woo H.-J., Chung K.-S., You H.-J., Lho T., Jung Y.H., Choh K.-K., Yoon J.-S., Lee B., Yoo S.-J., Kwon M.
5P08-32 Drift and wave phenomena in an inductively coupled magnetic Neutral Loop Discharge Crintea D.L., Ishijima T., Sugai H., Luggenhölscher D., O'Connell D., Gans T., Czarnetzki U.