Topic number 7:
"Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmas"
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G06 Corona initiated from grounded objects under thunderstorm conditions and its influence on lightning attachment Raizer Yu.P., Bazelyan E.M., Aleksandrov N.L.
T25 Laboratory experimental investigations of the mechanism for Auroral Kilometric Radiation Emission Ronald K., Speirs D.C., McConville S.L., Gillespie K.M., Cross A.W., Robertson C.W., Whyte C.G., Bingham R., Kellett B.J., Vorgul I., Cairns R.A.
5P07-01 Excitation of dust density waves in dusty plasmas of planetary rings Yaroshenko V.V., Verheest F., Morfill G.E.
5P07-02 Numerical solutions of the balance-equations in the three-dimensional high-latitude ionospheric model Golikov I.A., Popov V.I., Solovyev T.N.
5P07-03 A magnetic field mechanism for the origin of planetary motion Lowke J.J., Lowke R.J.
5P07-04 The influence of (n-n')-mixing processes in He*(n) + He(1s2) collisions on He* (n) atoms population of in weakly ionized non-equilibrium helium plasmas Djuric Z., Ignjatovic Lj.M., Mihajlov A.A., Sreckovic V.A.
5P07-05 Drift wave excitation by inhomogeneous plasma flow in solar spicules Vranjes J., Saleem H., Poedts S.
5P07-06 The obtaining of the ball lightning and the prospects of the using it for problem of nuclear fusion Oreshko A.G.
5P07-07 About domain structure, fields and processes in radiating stars and in Universe Oreshko A.G.
5P07-08 Problem of Alfvén waves in solar photosphere Vranjes J., Poedts S., Pandey B.P.
5P07-09 3D PiC modelling of a experiment to investigate Auroral Kilometric Radiation mechanisms Gillespie K.M., Speirs D.C., McConville S.L., Ronald K., Phelps A.D.R., Cross A.W., Robertson C.W., Whyte C.G., Bingham R., Kellett B.J., Vorgul I., Cairns R.A.
5P07-10 Observations of magnetosheath fluctuations Gutynska O., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z.
5P07-11 Observations of vortex-like structure near the cusp Tkachenko O., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z., Prech L.
5P07-12 Air heating associated with transient luminous events Pasko V.P., Bourdon A.
5P07-13 Finite amplitudes helical waves on the surface of the sunspots as an example of the self-exciting homopolar heterogeneous dynamo Glazkov V.V., Sinkevich O.A.
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5P07-14 High-latitude bow shock: Tilt angle effects Jelinek K., Nemecek Z., Safrankova J.
5P07-15 Electron-drift driven mode in the solar atmosphere Petrovic D., Vranjes J., Poedts S.