Topic number 6:
"Plasma diagnostic methods"
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G07 On-line monitoring of plasma processes for surface treatment by spectroscopic ellipsometry Stoeri H., Laimer J.
G09 Measurement of electric fields in radiofrequency discharges Barnat E.V., Hebner G.A., Miller P.A., Paterson A.M., Pangopoulos T.
T13 Electric field measurements by laser spectroscopy Bowden M.D., Wagenaars E., Kroesen G.M.W.
T17 Using OES to determine electron temperature and density in low pressure nitrogen and argon plasmas Pu Y.K., Zhu X.M.
4P06-01 Plasma-satellites due to evanescent wave fields and plasma oscillations in the pulsed hollow-cathode Hildebrandt J.
4P06-02 Studies on a low energy plasma focus discharge Allam T.M., Abd El-Latif S.T., Soliman H.M.
4P06-03 Bimodal argon ion velocity distribution functions downstream of an expanding helicon source plasma Biloiu I.A., Scime E.E., Biloiu C., Cohen S.A.
4P06-04 Thomson scattering diagnostics of the hollow-anode plasma Yarmolich D., Vekselman V., Gleizer J.Z., Hadas Y., Felsteiner J., Krasik Ya.E.
4P06-05 Measurement of the degree of dissociation in inductively coupled nitrogen discharges by optical emission actinometry Shin Y.M., Chung T.H.
4P06-06 Using the PC as a distortion meter for obtaining EEDF in glow discharge plasma Azooz A.A.
4P06-07 Development of compact optical emission spectroscopy system  for nitrogen atom density measurement Kurihara K., Sasaki K.
4P06-08 Metastable oxygen atom velocity and temperature in expanding CO2 plasma jets Mazouffre S., Pawelec E.
4P06-09 Transition of single probe to double probe characteristics: Effect of finite electrode area ratio Amemiya H., Bhattacharjee S.
4P06-10 Effect of collisional disalignment on LIF polarization spectroscopy for measuring electric field in plasmas Furukawa S., Namba S., Takiyama K., Oda T.
4P06-11 Diagnostics of low pressure inductively coupled VHF plasma used for nanostructured carbon deposition Okada K., Komatsu S., Matsumoto S.
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4P06-12 Time resolved measurements of the electron density with a cutoff probe in a pulsed plasma Kim J.H., Na B.K., Seong D.J., Shin Y.H.
4P06-13 Mass spectrometric investigation of high-mass species in the downstream region of Ar/CF4/O2 plasmas and their formation mechanisms Ide A., Furuya K., Okumura H., Harata A.
4P06-14 Determination of gas temperature of hydrogen containing high-frequency electrodeless lamps Berzins M., Gavare Z., Revalde G., Silinsh J.
4P06-15 Dissociation degree of N2 in dc discharges from Schlieren measurements Cicala G., Raino A.C., Boggia A.
4P06-16 Optical emission spectroscopy study of N2 dc discharges at low pressure Cicala G., de Tommaso E., Raino A.C., Boggia A.
4P06-17 Determination of spatio-temporal plasma potential variations in asymmetric bipolar pulsed DC magnetron discharges by emissive probes Welzel Th., Dunger Th., Richter F.
4P06-18 Photoionization of atmospheric gases probed by terahertz pulses Mics Z., Kadlec F., Kužel P., Jungwirth P.
4P06-19 The electron density in a microwave-induced argon plasma determined from the continuum radiation Iordanova E., Guillemier M., de Vries N., Baede L., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
4P06-20 FFT analysis of planar distributions of oscillations in a thermal plasma jet Gruber J., Hlina J., Sonsky J., Chvala F.
4P06-21 Method for dissociation degree determination in nitrogen plasma from atomic lines to molecular band intensities ratio Biloiu C., Scime E.E., Biloiu I.A., Sun X.
4P06-22 Correlation between CF2- and C2F4-concentrations in pulsed capacitively coupled CF4 / H2 rf plasma Stepanov S., Gabriel O., Meichsner J.
4P06-23 Emissive probe diagnostic in low temperature plasma - effect of the space charge and variations of the electron saturation current Marek A., Jílek M., Picková I., Kudrna P., Tichy M., Schrittwieser R., Ionita C., Balan P.
4P06-24 Computerized Langmuir probe measurements in a capacitively coupled RF discharge El Shaer M., Soliman A., Massoud A., Mobasher M., Wuttmann M.
4P06-25 Measurements of NO generated by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) by absorption and emission spectroscopy Pipa A., Bindemann T., Weltmann K.-D.
4P06-26 Determination of electron temperature in neon RF discharge by means of collisional-radiative model Navratil Z., Brzobohaty O., Trunec D., Smid R., Lazar L.
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4P06-27 Electron temperature in the split plasma plume formed by laser ablation of Bi target Wild J., Kudrna P., Gronych T., Peksa L., Zelinger Z., Kubat P., Civis S.
4P06-28 A microwave hairpin resonance probe for measuring electron density dynamics in laser ablation plasmas Karkari S.K., Doggett B., Farrell D.O., Gaman C., Donnelly T., Ellingboe A.R., Lunney J.G.
4P06-29 Survey of impurity fluxes in ASDEX Upgrade by manipulator systems – recent results and future plans Schustereder W.
4P06-30 Comparative study between the IEDs of positive ions in an RF argon discharge and argon-hydrogen discharge Aflori M., Dimitriu D.G.
4P06-31 Evolution of nitrogen atom density in the nitrogen post-discharge with oxygen admixture Mrázková M., Vasina P., Pintassilgo C.D., Kudrle V., Guerra V., Talsky A.
4P06-32 Development of the laser Thomson scattering method intended for the study of low-temperature recombining plasmas in the MAP-II divertor simulator Kado S., Scotti F., Shikama T., Kuwahara Y., Kurihara K., Tanaka S.
4P06-33 Performance of a Langmuir probe and a hairpin resonance probe in inductively coupled low pressure plasmas Starke P., Christ-Koch S., Karkari S.K., Gaman C., Fantz U., Ellingboe A.R.
4P06-34 Li+ attachment mass spectrometric investigation of neutral molecules in the downstream region of CF4 and C3F8 plasmas Okumura H., Furuya K., Harata A.
4P06-35 Levitation of micro-particles of different sizes in rf plasma above the not powered electrode Basner R., Blazek J., Kersten H., Thieme G.
4P06-36 Gas temperature and electron concentration measurements in a 30GHz gyrotron-based CVD reactor Vikharev A.L., Gorbachev A.M., Radishev D.B., Kozlov A.V.
4P06-37 Electrical probes for electron energy distribution function (EEDF) measurements in low pressure hydrogen plasmas Dietrich S., Christ-Koch S., Fantz U., Crowley B.
4P06-38 Double probe characteristics at the presence of electron beam sustained in microwave surface wave plasma Siry M., Husarik J., Kando M.
4P06-39 Plasma-TiO2 interaction: effect on adsorption desorption mechanisms Guaitella O., Allegraud K., Lazzaroni C., Rousseau A.
4P06-40 The multipole resonance probe: A new concept for electron density determination Lapke M., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P.
4P06-41 Effect of microwave field on the Langmuir probe characteristics in measurements of high-density plasmas Kono A., Li L., Aramaki M.
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4P06-42 Analysis of the free-burning high-intensity argon arc for gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding Boutaghane A., Valensi F., Pellerin S., Bouhadef K., Briand F.
4P06-43 Low power Hall Effect Thruster erosion analysis by optical emission spectroscopy Pagnon D., Pellerin S., Dudeck M., Maksimenko T.A., Loyan A.V., Koshelev N.N., Boutaghane A.
4P06-44 Spatial characterization of Ar-Ti plasma in a reactive magnetron system using emission spectroscopy Tiron V., Vitelaru C., Costin C., Popa G.
4P06-45 Emissive probes for edge plasma measurements in magnetized plasmas Ionita C., Balan P., Schrittwieser R., Adamek J., Hron M., Stöckel J., Figueiredo H.F.C., Silva C., Varandas C.A.F., Tichy M., Martines E., van Oost G., Brandt C., Grulke O., Klinger T., Stark A., Windisch T.
4P06-46 Hard X-ray measurement from a plasma focus of low energy Silva P., Farías C., L'Huissier P., Pinto V., Zambra M., Soto L.
4P06-47 Generation processes of O (3Pj) and O (1D2) atoms in oxygen and krypton mixture surface wave excited plasma Takeda K., Takashima S., Hori M.
4P06-48 Development of compact radical monitoring probe for smart nano plasma processing Hori M., Takahashi S., Takeda K., Takashima S.
4P06-49 Plasma and metastable distributions in low pressure Ar and He discharges Talukder M.R., Bose S., Kando M.
4P06-50 Spectroscopic investigation of an atmospheric pressure plasma jet Bahnev B., Bowden M.D., Braithwaite N.St.J.
4P06-51 Dispersive-plasma diagnostics: determination of temperatures from self-reversed lines using the one-parameter model Karabourniotis D., Drakakis E.
4P06-52 Comparison between TALIF measurements and NO titration for the determination of N atom density in a N2 late afterglow Rouffet B., Sarrette J.P., Gaboriau F.
4P06-53 A new method to measure electron energy distribution function in radio-frequency plasmas in insulated vessel Kusaba K., Shindo H.
4P06-54 Electro-optic crystal for measuring the space and time evolution of the surface charge in a dielectric barrier discharge Gegot F., Callegari Th., Aillerie M., Boeuf J.-P.
4P06-55 Spatial measurements of neutral density depletion by two-photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (TALIF) Aanesland A., Liard L., Leray G., Jolly J., Chabert C.
4P06-56 Light emission and temperatures during the DC afterglow in nitrogen-oxygen mixtures Krcma F., Mazánková V., Soural I., Simek M.
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4P06-57 Electron density distribution of plasma produced in liquid by focusing YAG laser Yamaguchi T., Tsuda N., Yamada J.
4P06-58 Integrated diagnostics of thin film processing plasma in magnetron sputtering Britun N., Gaillard M., Oh S-G., Han J.G.
4P06-59 O2+ in low-pressure glow discharges in, O2, Ar-O2 and He-O2 gas mixtures Al-Jalal A.M., Khan M.A., Al-Qahtani H.