Topic number 5:
"Modeling and simulation techniques"
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G03 ITER: Giant plasma physics experiment and global move towards fusion power Lopes Cardozo N.J.
G08 Modelling of multi-frequency capacitive discharges Turner M.M., Chabert P., Levif P., Boyle P., Robiche J.
G10 Charge dynamics in a three-dimensional plasma-sheath lens; phenomenology and applications Stamate E.
T07 Kinetic simulations of plasma thrusters Taccogna F., Schneider R., Longo S., Capitelli M.
T22 Modeling of the gas breakdown and plasma etching Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Radjenovic B.
T26 Multiscale multiphysics non-empirical approach to the modeling of chemically active non-equilibrium plasmas Adamson S., Astapenko V., Chernysheva I., Chhorkov V., Deminskii M., Demura A., Demchenko G., Dyatko N., Eletskii A., Knizhnik A., Kochetov I., Napartovich A., Potapkin B., Rykova E., Umanskii S., Zaitsevskii A., Cotzas G., Michael D., Midha V., Smith D.
WB9 Plasma dynamics in hollow cathode triggered discharge with influence of fast electrons on ionization phenomena and EUV emission Zakharov S.V., Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Mond M., Choi P.
2P05-01 Ionization rate for breakdown waves Hemmati M., Weller M., Summers S.
2P05-02 An analysis of the cathode spot current density effect on plasma parameters in low-current vacuum arc Mungkung N., Thungsuk N.
2P05-03 Computer simulation of focused electron beam generation by plasma electron gun Litovko I.V., Oks E.M.
2P05-04 Optimized process design of high density plasma-chemical vapour deposition of silicon oxide film Ryu K.H., Hwang J., Seo D.S., Hong S.
2P05-05 Numerical simulation of glow discharge parameters and its current-voltage characteristics in non-linear approach by solving integral equation Melnyk I.V.
2P05-06 Modeling of dual-frequency capacitive discharges Donko Z.
2P05-07 Effect of transverse magnetic field configuration on plasma immersion ion implantation processing Kostov K.G., Pillaca E.J.D.M.
2P05-08 Computer simulation of an atmospheric pressure RF plasma needle Kazimierski P., Kotecka D.
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2P05-09 Simulation of streamer development in different electric fields Nikandrov D., Tsendin L., Kolobov V., Arslanbekov R.R.
2P05-10 Caesium volume effects on multicusp ion source kinetics Pagano D., Gorse C., Capitelli M.
2P05-11 Full-dimensional hybrid computer simulations of electropositive plasma behaviour in the vicinity of cylindrical probe Bartos P., Hrach R., Blazek J., Jelinek P.
2P05-12 Neutral gas modelling of the linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI van Eck H.J.N., Koppers W.R., van Rooij G.J., de Groot B., Smeets P.H.M., Lopes Cardozo N.J., Kleyn A.W., Goedheer W.J.
2P05-13 Streamer propagation in non-uniform field with dielectric barrier Kumada A., Morisaki D., Takahashi I., Hidaka K.
2P05-14 Negative streamer fronts: comparison of particle and fluid models and hybrid coupling in space Li C., Brok W.J.M., Ebert U., Hundsdorfer W., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-15 Particle-based modeling of oxygen discharges Bronold F.X., Matyash K., Tskhakaya D., Schneider R., Fehske H.
2P05-16 Simulations of vortex motion in electron plasmas using a special-purpose computer system designed to solve the N-body gravitational problem Maeki Y., Mizuno Y., Muto K., Inuzuka H., Cao Y., Liu Y., Yazawa K.
2P05-17 Electron transport parameters and rate coefficients for the modeling a RF discharge in N2-CH4 Pintassilgo C.D., Alcouffe G., Cernogora G., Loureiro J.
2P05-18 Polytropic coefficient gamma in the fluid simulation of the plasma-sheath transition Riemann K.-U.
2P05-19 The consequences of neglecting an external circuit in a 2d3v Particle-In-Cell/Monte Carlo Collisions model for a direct current planar magnetron Bultinck E., Kolev I., Bogaerts A.
2P05-20 Numerical simulation of filamentary discharges with the parallel adaptive mesh refinement technique Pancheshnyi S., Ségur P., Bourdon A.
2P05-21 Spatially resolved electron transport behaviours near boundary Takeda A., Ikuta N.
2P05-22 Progress in the simulation of hydrogen RF discharge plasmas Diomede P., Michau A., Morscheidt W., Hassouni K., Longo S., Capitelli M.
2P05-23 Particle-in-cell simulation for the acceleration channel of a cylindrical Hall thruster Lee H.J., Seon J.
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2P05-24 Impact of azimuthal instabilities on electron behaviour in a Hall Effect thruster Perez-Luna J., Hagelaar G.J.M., Garrigues L., Dubuit N., Boeuf J.-P.
2P05-25 Two-dimensional modelling of a microwave plasma reactor operated by an axial injection torch Alvarez R., Marques L., Alves L.L.
2P05-26 Modelling of a radio-frequency ICP-reactor with an ion beam system Cruz J., Gregório J., Cardoso S., Freitas P.P., Alves L.L.
2P05-27 Plasma backflow phenomenon in high-current vacuum arc Wang L., Jia S., Zhang L., Shi Z., Yang D.
2P05-28 Fast magnetoacoustic waves in magnetized elliptic plasmas Grekov D.L.
2P05-29 Computational study of sheath structure in multicomponent plasma Hrach R., Hrachova V., Bruna P., Novak S., Cerny P.
2P05-30 A unified theory of ionization and discharge physics based on EHD/EMHD as an extension of Alfven’s MHD: A goal of Von Engel’s desire towards simplification and unification of ionization and discharge physics Kikuchi H.
2P05-31 A comparative study between 2D and 1D numerical models for the description of streamer propagation in air Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N.
2P05-32 Theoretical and experimental studies of the plasma processes in hollow cathode discharge lasers Mihailova D., Grozeva M., Sabotinov N., van Dijk J., Brok W.J.M., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-33 The role of the field emission effect in the deviations from the Paschen law Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Radjenovic B.
2P05-34 The influence of the initial energy and the reflection coefficient on the back diffusion of electrons in nitrogen Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Nina A., Petrovic Z.Lj.
2P05-35 Calculation of the real spectral line shape by solving the ill-posed inverse problem Zorina N., Revalde G., Skudra A.
2P05-36 Pseudo-spectral 3D simulations of streamers with adaptively refined grids Luque A., Ebert U., Montijn C., Hundsdorfer W.
2P05-37 The use of a direct numerical solution of the radiative transfer equation to improve the simulation of streamer discharges Capeillere J., Ségur P., Célestin S., Bourdon A., Pancheshnyi S.
2P05-38 Generalized model of dust grain charging in plasma sheath Blazek J., Basner R., Bartos P., Spatenka P., Kersten H.
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2P05-39 Study of Z pinch evolution by snow-plow model Ghomi H., Rostami S., Latifi H.
2P05-40 The scaling problem and the laminar-turbulent transition criterion for the plasma flow in the long plasmatron channel Sinkevich O.A., Chikunov S.E.
2P05-41 Plasma dynamics in hollow cathode triggered discharge with influence of fast electrons on ionization phenomena and EUV emission Zakharov S.V., Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Mond M., Choi P.
2P05-42 The structural unstable vector configuration in plasma and urbanistic Kurov I.A.
2P05-43 Electron distribution function in the external corona of laser generated plasma Masek M., Rohlena K.
2P05-44 Simulation of the non-equilibrium transverse arc discharge in air Tropina A.A., Avedyan V.Sh.
2P05-45 Radiation transport in metal halide lamps Beks M.L., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-46 PIC simulation and kinetic theory of the sheath in ion-ion plasmas Meige A., Leray G., Raimbault J.-L., Chabert P.
2P05-47 One dimensional Hybrid Maxwell-Boltzmann model of sheath evolution comparison with PIC simulations Sarrailh P., Garrigues L., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boeuf J.-P., Sandolache G., Rowe S., Jusselin B.
2P05-48 Formation of runaway electron distribution function during gas breakdown in high electric fields Nikandrov D., Kolobov V.
2P05-49 Numerical investigations on the stochastic heating Bayrak M., Brinkmann R.P.
2P05-50 Numerical investigation of the RF plasma boundary sheath Heil B.G., Schulze J., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P., Luggenhölscher D., Czarnetzki U.
2P05-51 Finite element analysis of atmospheric pressure RF-excited plasma needle for biomedical application Sakiyama Y., Graves D.
2P05-52 Multigrid solver for axisymmetrical 2D fluid equations Ristivojevic Z., Petrovic Z.Lj.
2P05-53 Toward an improved moving mesh method for the simulation of streamer discharges Bessieres D., Paillol J., Bourdon A., Ségur P., Marode E.
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2P05-54 Formation and propagation of ionization potential waves in various pressures Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N.
2P05-55 CH4 plasma steam reforming modeling at atmospheric pressure Cormier J.M., Ouni F., Khacef A.
2P05-56 Particle simulation of negative hydrogen ion transport Diomede P., Longo S., Capitelli M.