Topic number 4:
"Collective and nonlinear phenomena"
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T02 Nonlinear processes in laser plasma corona Jungwirth K.
T09 Spatio-temporal structure of plasma turbulence under strongly sheared flows Ramisch M., Greiner F., Mahdizadeh N., Stroth U.
T24 Active Magnetic Experiment : a magnetic bubble in the ionospheric stream Pegoraro F.
1P04-01 Magnetic field generation in collisionless anisotropic plasmas Pegoraro F., Califano F., Del Sarto D.
1P04-02 Propagating double layers in electronegative plasmas Meige A., Plihon N., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boeuf J.-P., Chabert P., Boswell R.
1P04-03 Limiting behaviour of a magnetised presheath Zimmermann T.M.G., Coppins M., Allen J.E.
1P04-04 Nonlinear electromagnetic waves in pair plasmas Cramer N.F., Kourakis I., Verheest F.
1P04-05 Effect of boundary conditions on the sheath potential establishment Matsuura H., Tomita Y.
1P04-06 Ultrarelativistic electron generation during the intense ultrashort laser pulse interaction with multicluster plasma Echkina I.Y., Inovenkov I.N., Fukuda Y., Bulanov S.V.
1P04-07 Research of charge balance in diode unit of pulsed electron accelerator Pushkarev A.I., Sazonov R.V.
1P04-08 Initial experiments of drift wave turbulence in helicon high-density linear plasma device, LMD-U Shinohara S., Nagashima Y., Yamada T., Kawaguchi M., Terasaka K., Maruta T., Inagaki S., Kawai Y., Fujisawa A., Fukao M., Greiner F., Ignatenko M., Azumi M., Kasuya N., Yagi M., Itoh K., Itoh S.-I.
1P04-09 Control of the nonlinear dynamics of double layer charge structures using biharmonic perturbations Alexandroaei D., Stan C., Cristescu C.P.
1P04-10 Structure of the Hall currents in a current sheet formed in the 2D magnetic field with the X type null line Frank A.G., Bugrov S.G., Markov V.S.
1P04-11 First results from a purely toroidal electron plasma experiment Marler J., Ha Bao, Stoneking M.R.
1P04-12 Analysis of three simultaneously excited instabilities in low-temperature magnetized plasma Dimitriu D.G., Ionita C., Schrittwieser R.
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1P04-13 On the dynamics of a complex space charge structure in a transversal magnetic field Niculescu O., Dimitriu D.G., Ionita C., Schrittwieser R.
1P04-14 Auto-excitation of helicon oscillations in a magnetized plasma filled resonator Gutorov K.M., Kurnaev V.A., Vizgalov I.V.
1P04-15 Rayleigh-Taylor and filamentation instabilities at the initial stage of the gas puff z-pinch implosion Chaikovsky S., Labetsky A., Rousskikh A., Shishlov A., Zhidkova N.
1P04-16 Bifurcations of current transfer through a collisional sheath and self-organization on glow cathodes Benilov M.S.
1P04-17 The responses to the high frequency oscillation in the strong self-organized toroidal plasma Watanabe M., Tozuka H., Shimizu S., Osanai Y., Shiina S., Saito K.
1P04-18 Plasma parameters distribution in the experimental model of the compact-dipole magnetic confinement device Krashevskaya G.V., Kurnaev V.A., Tsventoukh M.M.
1P04-19 Characteristics of detached argon plasma flowing along magnetic field line in a linear plasma device Ezumi N., Kobayashi T., Tsuchiya T., Yamazaki M.
1P04-20 Lévy walk kinetics of charged particle in a model of electrostatic turbulence Krlin L., Paprok R., Svoboda V.
1P04-21 Numerical investigation of stability of steady-state current transfer to thermionic cathodes Benilov M.S., Faria M.J.
1P04-22 Interaction of absolutely and neutrally stable shock waves with vortex: computer simulation and comparison Fortov V.E., Konyukhov A.V., Likhachev A.P., Oparin A.M., Anisimov S.I.
1P04-23 Spatial distribution of streamer electron density in the development stage Chung M.