Topic number 3:
"Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effects"
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T19 Molecular dynamics and beam studies of plasma-surface interactions Graves D., Vegh J., Nest D.
1P03-01 N2 laser - aluminum surface interaction Henc-Bartolic V., Schauperl Z., Pipic D.
1P03-02 Numerical analysis of the potential profile in the sheath formed in front of a floating electron emitting electrode immersed in a two-electron temperature plasma Gyergyek T., Cercek M.
1P03-03 Anode boundary conditions for electron density of electric arcs Lowke J.J., Tanaka M.
1P03-04 Investigation of the arc and glow phase fractions of ignition discharges in air and nitrogen for Ag, Pt, Cu and Ni electrodes Jeanvoine N., Jonsson R., Muecklich F.
1P03-05 Dynamical two-dimensional model of pre-explosion phase of microprotrusion heating by plasma contacting the wall Barengolts S.A., Mesyats G.A., Tsventoukh M.M.
1P03-06 Volt-ampere characteristics of planar diode in mode of emission limitation Pushkarev A.I., Sazonov R.V.
1P03-07 Ion-conducting electrodes and probes for low temperature plasmas Meiss S.A., Steinmüller S.O., Rohnke M., Rettig F., Moos R., Janek J.
1P03-08 Plasma clouds collisions and ion trapping at laser–irradiated double–foil targets Renner O., Rosmej F.B., Dalimier E., Krouskı E., Liska R., Schott R.
1P03-09 Stochastic models and computer simulation of first order phase transition non-linear fluctuation stage Zmievskaya G.I., Bondareva A.L.
1P03-10 Electrically exploded wire in water Priem D., Racineux G., Lochak G., Daviau C., Fargue D.,
Karatchentcheff M., Lehn H.
1P03-11 Calculation of heterogeneous recombination probabilities from a dynamical Monte Carlo scheme: fluctuations and averaging Guerra V.
1P03-12 Quantification of the sticking coefficient of hydrocarbons on fusion relevant carbon and tungsten surfaces Schustereder W., Endstrasser N., Rasul B., Zappa F., Grill V., Scheier P., Märk T.D.
1P03-13 Microstructure surface damaging : ionizing radiation pulse fluxes surface treatment and computer simulation Bondareva A.L., Gribkov V.V., Dubrovsky A.V., Pimenov V.N., Zmievskaya G.I.
1P03-14 Seasoning of plasma reactors: Effects of ion energy distributions to chamber walls Agarwal A., Kushner M.J.
1P03-15 Operation domains of an inside-gap RF discharge Stancu C., Luciu I., Ionita R.E., Mitu B., Dinescu G.