Topic number 2:
"Thermodynamics and transport phenomena"
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T11 Intense shock waves and extreme states of matter Mintsev V.B., Fortov V.E.
1P02-01 Electron-beam activation of Ar-SiH4 mixtures. The role of secondary electrons and metastable atoms Fedoseev A.V., Sukhinin G.I.
1P02-02 Cut-off criteria of electronic partition functions and transport properties of thermal plasmas Bruno D., Capitelli M., Catalfamo C., Laricchiuta A.
1P02-03 Transport of electronic energy in thermal plasmas Bruno D., Capitelli M., Catalfamo C., Laricchiuta A.
1P02-04 The models of the electric arc between evaporating electrodes Zhovtyansky V.A., Lelyukh Yu.I.
1P02-05 Flowing characteristics of cold helium arc jet plasma along open-field-line Yoshida K., Kanuma T., Ichii H., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
1P02-06 Characteristics of cold argon arc jet plasma flowing along open-field-line and the collision effects for deceleration Nagahara Y., Ichii H., Yoshida K., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
1P02-07 Invasion of background atoms into hot rarefied expanding plasma jets Gabriel O., Colsters P., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
1P02-08 Supersonic ion flow in gas discharges Maiorov S.A.
1P02-09 Transparent radiation of intensively blasted electrical arc Gregor J., Jakubova I., Senk J.
1P02-10 Monte Carlo studies of the magnetic field effects on spatial relaxation of electron swarms Dujko S., Petrovic Z.Lj., Raspopovic Z.M., White R.D., Ness K.F., Robson R.E.
1P02-11 Kinetic equation for charge carriers in solid state plasma Alavi S.Kh., Shokri B.
1P02-12 Revisiting the normal cathode fall theory Nagorny V.P.
PD-05 Describing diffusion in a magnetized plasma with a self consistent friction approach Peerenboom K.S.C., van den Donker M.J., van Dijk J., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
PD-06 Axial flows of plasma in toroidal spark discharge Gelashvili G., Mdivmishvili M., Nanobashvili I., Nanobashvili S., Rostomashvili G.
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