Topic number 1:
"Elementary processes and fundamental data"
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T08 Kinetic and fluid modelling of plasmas and swarms Robson R.E., Nicoletopoulos P., Li B., White R.D.
1P01-01 On the role of argon reactions in a low pressure Ar/O2 discharge Gudmundsson J.T., Thorsteinsson E.G.
1P01-02 Influence of pressure on the relative population of the two lowest vibrational levels of the C3Pu state of nitrogen for 12 keV electron beam excitation Morozov A., Heindl T., Wieser J., Krücken R., Ulrich A.
1P01-03 Scattering of electromagnetic radiation by dust induced plasma fluctuations (generalized theory for dust diagnostics) Tsytovich V.N., Morfill G.E.
1P01-04 Variational approach to excitation in p + Be3+ collisions at intermediate and high impact velocities Bouamoud M., Lasri B., Hanssen J.
1P01-05 Control of substrate potentials by injection of electron beam Amemiya H., Misawa T., Ohtsu Y., Fujita H.
1P01-06 Electron-atom bremsstrahlung in partially ionized plasma Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Omarbakiyeva Yu.A., Roepke G.
1P01-07 Formation of xenon excimer between 200 and 300 K following selective excitation of the Xe(6s) metastable state Marchal F., Lauro R., Ledru G., Jabbour G., Sewraj N.
1P01-08 Photodissociation processes in diatomic molecules Aubrecht V., Bartlova M.
1P01-09 A two-temperature N2 dissociation model derived from state-resolved rates Lino da Silva M., Guerra V., Loureiro J.
1P01-10 Heat flux on the surface of an hypersonic vehicle: A preliminary study Armenise I., Longo S., Capitelli M.
1P01-11 Ion swarm data of N4+ in N2, O2 and dry air Bekstein A., Benhenni M., Yousfi M., Eichwald O.
1P01-12 On N2(C3Pu, v=0) state lifetime and collisional deactivation rate by N2 Dilecce G., Ambrico P.F., de Benedictis S.
1P01-13 Electron transport in X/CF4 mixtures (X=F, F2, CF, CF2, CF3) and modelling of high E/N discharges Nikitovic Z., Stojanovic V., Petrovic Z.Lj.
1P01-14 Ionization and dissociation dynamic of H2 molecule driven by a laser field Fiordilino E., Camiolo G., Castiglia G., Corso P.P., Daniele R., Marangos J., Morales F., Orlando G., Persico F.
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1P01-15 Stark widths dependence on the rest core charge of the emitters for multiply charged ions spectral lines Purić J., Nikolić M., Sćepanović M., Dojčinović I.P., Obradović B.M., Kuraica M.M.
1P01-16 Production and loss of rovibrationally excited H2 molecules: Expanding hydrogen plasmas in experiment and model Gabriel O., Vankan P., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
1P01-17 Novel approach for assessing the electron transport properties in plasma thrusters Coduti G., Lazurenko A., Cavoit C., Krasnosselskikh V., Mazouffre S.
1P01-18 Electron interactions in CF3I and CF3I-N2 Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., Basurto E., de Urquijo J.
1P01-19 On the radiation trapping problem in a finite cylinder: Spatial distribution of resonance and metastable atoms Golubovskii Yu.B., Gorchakov S., Timofeev A.N., Loffhagen D., Uhrlandt D.
1P01-20 On the radiation trapping in a finite cylinder: Decay of the resonance and metastable atoms Golubovskii Yu.B., Gorchakov S., Timofeev A.N., Loffhagen D., Uhrlandt D.
1P01-21 Electron capture of singly-ionized lithium from hydrogen Serrao J.M.
1P01-22 Synchronous generation of positive surface streamers in air, nitrogen and oxygen Kashiwagi Y., Ito H., Itoh H.
1P01-23 Time-resolved measurement of electron swarm coefficients in tetrafluoroethane (R134a) Basurto E., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J.
1P01-24 Ozone production in dark discharge in oxygen Paris P., Valk F., Aints M., Kozlov K.V.
1P01-25 Ion and neutral species in H2, H2+Ar and H2+N2 plasmas generated in low pressure DC discharges Méndez I., Herrero V.J., Tanarro I.
1P01-26 Mass spectrometric investigation of the ion chemistry in H2/CH4/N2 DC discharges Tanarro I., Herrero V.J., Méndez I., Islyaikin A.M., Tabarés F.L., Tafalla D.
1P01-27 Ab initio calculations of low-lying states of SF Zivny O., Czernek J.
1P01-28 A comparison between A.C. and D.C. discharges in argon-hydrogen gas mixtures in the frame of the M-effect Ciobotaru L.C., Popa S.D.
1P01-29 Calculation of resonant charge exchange cross-sections of ions Rubidium, Cesium, Mercury and noble gases Maiorov S.A.
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1P01-30 Measurement of metastable helium atoms in a hollow cathode discharge using laser absorption spectroscopy Okamoto A., Kitajima S., Sasao M.
1P01-31 Effects of condensation on excited states of non-polar molecules: Cyclohexane and tetramethylsilane Guelfucci J.P.
1P01-32 Hydrodynamic approximation of stimulated Compton scattering of electromagnetic waves from a magnetized relativistic electron beam Ahmadizadeh Y., Shokri B.
1P01-33 Measurements and calculations of electron swarm coefficients in N2-CO2 mixtures Juárez A.M., Yousfi M., Basurto E., Bekstein A., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Benhenni M., de Urquijo J., Eichwald O.
1P01-34 Numerical calculation of Townsend electronic and ionic avalanches: electron detachment, photoelectron pulse and diffusion effects Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J., Rodríguez-Luna J.C., Ramos-Salas J.S.
1P01-35 Electron impact ionization and transport in nitrogen-argon mixtures Jovanovic J., Basurto E., Sasic O., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Petrovic Z.Lj., de Urquijo J.
1P01-36 Impact ionization & excitation cross-sections and numerical codes for non-stationary kinetics of plasmas Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Zakharov S.V.
1P01-37 The role of positronium formation in non-conservative positron transport in argon Suvakov M., Petrovic Z.Lj., Marler J., Buckman S.J., Malovic G.
1P01-38 Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons in AC dielectric barrier discharge Savadkouei H., Matin N.S., Jalili A.H., Ahmadi R., Khodagholi M., Bozorgzadeh H.R.
1P01-39 Effect of different parameter on the selectivity of methane conversion using catalytic enhanced dielectric-barrier discharge Bozorgzadeh H.R., Matin N.S., Jalili A.H., Savadkoohi H., Khodagholi M., Ahmadi R.
1P01-40 Determination of collisional quenching rate coefficient of N2(A3Su+) by air pollutants Suzuki S., Suzuki T., Itoh H.
1P01-41 Electron swarm parameters in pure N2O and in dilute N2O-Ar mixtures and electron collision cross sections of N2O molecule Nakamura Y.
1P01-42 Electron drift velocity and effective ionization coefficients in N2O, N2O-N2 and N2O-SF6 Basurto E., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J., Dupljanin S., Sasic O., Petrovic Z.Lj.