General Invited Lectures
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G01 Generation of high-pressure, non-thermal plasmas in discharges in small geometries Pitchford L.
G02 Plasma-assisted combustion using nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges Laux C.O.
G03 ITER: Giant plasma physics experiment and global move towards fusion power Lopes Cardozo N.J.
G04 Novel-structured carbon nanotubes creation by nanoscopic plasma control Hatakeyama R.
G05 The main issues of research on dense magnetized plasmas  Sadowski M.J., Scholz M.
G06 Corona initiated from grounded objects under thunderstorm conditions and its influence on lightning attachment  Raizer Yu.P., Bazelyan E.M., Aleksandrov N.L.
G07 On-line monitoring of plasma processes for surface treatment by spectroscopic ellipsometry  Stoeri H., Laimer J.
G08 Modelling of multi-frequency capacitive discharges  Turner M.M., Chabert P., Levif P., Boyle P., Robiche J.
G09 Measurement of electric fields in radiofrequency discharges  Barnat E.V., Hebner G.A., Miller P.A., Paterson A.M., Pangopoulos T.
G10 Charge dynamics in a three-dimensional plasma-sheath lens; phenomenology and applications Stamate E.
Von Engel Prize Lecture
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Von Engel Prize Lecture
Some basic plasma experiments extended in plasma applications Sato N.
Topical Invited Lectures
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T01 Physics and chemistry of plasma pollution control technology Chang J.S.
T02 Nonlinear processes in laser plasma corona Jungwirth K.
T03 Nanoparticles from atmospheric pressure microdischarges Brunelli N., Giapis K.P., Flagan R.C.
T04 Numerical experiments on complex plasmas: 2D Yukawa systems  Hartmann P., Donko Z., Kalman G.J.
T05 Plasmas create a new path for future fuel cell designs  Brault P., Caillard A., Rabat H., Thomann A.L., Charles C., Boswell R., Ramdutt D., Corr C., Durand J., Roualdes S., Larrieu J., Ennadjaoui A., Coutanceau C., Leger J.M.
T06 Effective grane interaction in dusty plasmas: theoretical description and numerical simulation  Zagorodny A., Bystrenko O., Bystrenko T., Filippov A.V., Momot A., Pal A.F., Starostin A.N.
T07 Kinetic simulations of plasma thrusters  Taccogna F., Schneider R., Longo S., Capitelli M.
T08 Kinetic and fluid modelling of plasmas and swarms  Robson R.E., Nicoletopoulos P., Li B., White R.D.
T09 Spatio-temporal structure of plasma turbulence under strongly sheared flows  Ramisch M., Greiner F., Mahdizadeh N., Stroth U.
T10 Neutral depletion and transport in low pressure plasmas Fruchtman A.
T11 Intense shock waves and extreme states of matter  Mintsev V.B., Fortov V.E.
T12 Analytic modeling and kinetic simulation of high-frequency/multiple-frequency capacitively coupled plasmas  Kim H.C., Lee J.K.
T13 Electric field measurements by laser spectroscopy  Bowden M.D., Wagenaars E., Kroesen G.M.W.
T14 Synthesis of diamond like carbon films for various applications Ray N.R.
T15 Diagnostics of N2 and O2 dissociation in RF plasmas by vacuum ultraviolet emission and absorption spectroscopy  Nakano T., Kitajima T., Samukawa S., Makabe T.
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T16 Time- and spatially-resolved characterization of electrical discharge machining plasma  Descoeudres A., Hollenstein Ch., Wälder G., Demellayer R., Perez R.
T17 Using OES to determine electron temperature and density in low pressure nitrogen and argon plasmas  Pu Y.K., Zhu X.M.
T18 Time and space resolved electron temperature distribution in a Penning-type opposed target magnetron during pulsed DC sputtering Moiseev T., Cameron D.C.
T19 Molecular dynamics and beam studies of plasma-surface interactions  Graves D., Vegh J., Nest D.
T20 Plasma modelling with Plasimo – design and applications van Dijk J.
T21 Microwave discharges in molecular gases driven by surface waves Tatarova E.
T22 Modeling of the gas breakdown and plasma etching  Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Radjenovic B.
T23 Exotic phenomena in plasmas at extremely low pressure  O'Connell D., Gans T., Crintea D.L., Czarnetzki U., Sadeghi N.
T24 Active Magnetic Experiment : a magnetic bubble in the ionospheric stream Pegoraro F.
T25 Laboratory experimental investigations of the mechanism for Auroral Kilometric Radiation Emission  Ronald K., Speirs D.C., McConville S.L., Gillespie K.M., Cross A.W., Robertson C.W., Whyte C.G., Bingham R., Kellett B.J., Vorgul I., Cairns R.A.
T26 Multiscale multiphysics non-empirical approach to the modeling of chemically active non-equilibrium plasmas Adamson S., Astapenko V., Chernysheva I., Chhorkov V., Deminskii M., Demura A., Demchenko G., Dyatko N., Eletskii A., Knizhnik A., Kochetov I., Napartovich A., Potapkin B., Rykova E., Umanskii S., Zaitsevskii A., Cotzas G., Michael D., Midha V., Smith D.
Workshop A Lectures
"Pulsed electrical discharges in water: fundamentals and applications"
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WA1 Physics and applications of high power water switches  Schoenbach K.H., Xiao S., Kolb J.F., Joshi R.P.
WA2 All solid-switch pulsed-power source for electrohydraulic discharge plasmas  Yan K., van Heesch E.J.M.
WA3 Environmental and biotechnological applications of high-voltage pulsed discharge in water Sato M.
WA4 The formation of active chemical species in liquid and gas-liquid electrical discharges Locke B.R.
WA5 The role of reactor and power supply design on chemical and physical processes in liquid and gas-liquid electrical discharges  Lukes P., Clupek M., Babicky V., Sunka P.
WA6 Long-living plasmoids from a water discharge at atmospheric pressure  Juettner B., Noack S., Versteegh A., Fussmann G.
WA7 Pulsed electrical discharges in water: fundamentals and applications  Belkind A., Gershman S., Mozgina O., Christodoulatos C., Becker K.
WA8 Degradation of organic molecules by streamer discharges in water: coupled electrical and chemical measurements Dang T.H., Denat A., Lesaint O., Teissedre G.
WA9 Decomposition of methylene blue in water by corona discharges  Secu L., Magureanu M., Mandache N.B., Parvulescu V.I.
Workshop B Lectures
"Physics and applications of pulsed high-current capillary discharges"
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WB1 Dense plasmas for the generation of coherent soft X-ray light  Rocca J.J., Heinbuch S., Martz D., Grisham M., Reagan B., Wang Y., Luther B.M., Berrill M., Alessi D., Larotonda M., Gaudiossi D., Popmintchev T., Murnane M.M., Kapteyn H., Shlyaptsev V.N.
WB2 Optimization of capillary discharge condition for SXR and EUV sources  Hotta E., Sakai Y., Niimi G., Hayashi Y., Watanabe M., Okino A., Horioka K.
WB3 Compact capillary discharges as sources of EUV radiation and plasma jets: physics and applications Favre M., Choi P., Wyndham E., Avaria G., Bhuyan H., Chuaqui H., Lenero A.M., Ruiz H., Valderrama E., Aliaga-Rossel R., Zakharov S., An Y., Dumitrescu C., Leblanc C., Sarroukh O., Zakharov V.
WB4 Exploding wire in water - a potential environment for amplification of spontaneous emission in soft X-ray region below 15 nm  Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Prukner V., Frolov O., Straus J.
WB5 Incoherent emission from capillary discharges Kunze H.-J.
WB6 Recent progress in applications of the Ne-like Ar soft X-ray laser at L'Aquila University  Zuppella P., Tomassetti G., Bussolotti F., Dunne P., Flora F., Mezi L., Ottaviano L., Piperno S., Reale A., Rinaldi M., Ritucci A., Santucci S., Kaiser J.
WB7 Towards nitrogen recombination soft X-ray laser scheme in a capillary discharge z-pinch  Kampel N.S., Rikanati A., Beery I., Avni U., Ben-Kish A., Fisher A., Ron A.
WB8 High gain prediction for soft x-ray laser pumped by plasma pinch in nitrogen capillary discharge Vrba P., Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Jancarek A., Vrbova M.
WB9 Plasma dynamics in hollow cathode triggered discharge with influence of fast electrons on ionization phenomena and EUV emission  Zakharov S.V., Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Mond M., Choi P.