Poster Contributions
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1P01-01 On the role of argon reactions in a low pressure Ar/O2 discharge Gudmundsson J.T., Thorsteinsson E.G.
1P01-02 Influence of pressure on the relative population of the two lowest vibrational levels of the C3Pu state of nitrogen for 12 keV electron beam excitation Morozov A., Heindl T., Wieser J., Krücken R., Ulrich A.
1P01-03 Scattering of electromagnetic radiation by dust induced plasma fluctuations (generalized theory for dust diagnostics) Tsytovich V.N., Morfill G.E.
1P01-04 Variational approach to excitation in p + Be3+ collisions at intermediate and high impact velocities Bouamoud M., Lasri B., Hanssen J.
1P01-05 Control of substrate potentials by injection of electron beam Amemiya H., Misawa T., Ohtsu Y., Fujita H.
1P01-06 Electron-atom bremsstrahlung in partially ionized plasma Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Omarbakiyeva Yu.A., Roepke G.
1P01-07 Formation of xenon excimer between 200 and 300 K following selective excitation of the Xe(6s) metastable state Marchal F., Lauro R., Ledru G., Jabbour G., Sewraj N.
1P01-08 Photodissociation processes in diatomic molecules Aubrecht V., Bartlova M.
1P01-09 A two-temperature N2 dissociation model derived from state-resolved rates Lino da Silva M., Guerra V., Loureiro J.
1P01-10 Heat flux on the surface of an hypersonic vehicle: A preliminary study Armenise I., Longo S., Capitelli M.
1P01-11 Ion swarm data of N4+ in N2, O2 and dry air Bekstein A., Benhenni M., Yousfi M., Eichwald O.
1P01-12 On N2(C3Pu, v=0) state lifetime and collisional deactivation rate by N2 Dilecce G., Ambrico P.F., de Benedictis S.
1P01-13 Electron transport in X/CF4 mixtures (X=F, F2, CF, CF2, CF3) and modelling of high E/N discharges Nikitovic Z., Stojanovic V., Petrovic Z.Lj.
1P01-14 Ionization and dissociation dynamic of H2 molecule driven by a laser field Fiordilino E., Camiolo G., Castiglia G., Corso P.P., Daniele R., Marangos J., Morales F., Orlando G., Persico F.
1P01-15 Stark widths dependence on the rest core charge of the emitters for multiply charged ions spectral lines Purić J., Nikolić M., Sćepanović M., Dojčinović I.P., Obradović B.M., Kuraica M.M.
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1P01-16 Production and loss of rovibrationally excited H2 molecules: Expanding hydrogen plasmas in experiment and model Gabriel O., Vankan P., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
1P01-17 Novel approach for assessing the electron transport properties in plasma thrusters Coduti G., Lazurenko A., Cavoit C., Krasnosselskikh V., Mazouffre S.
1P01-18 Electron interactions in CF3I and CF3I-N2 Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., Basurto E., de Urquijo J.
1P01-19 On the radiation trapping problem in a finite cylinder: Spatial distribution of resonance and metastable atoms Golubovskii Yu.B., Gorchakov S., Timofeev A.N., Loffhagen D., Uhrlandt D.
1P01-20 On the radiation trapping in a finite cylinder: Decay of the resonance and metastable atoms Golubovskii Yu.B., Gorchakov S., Timofeev A.N., Loffhagen D., Uhrlandt D.
1P01-21 Electron capture of singly-ionized lithium from hydrogen Serrao J.M.
1P01-22 Synchronous generation of positive surface streamers in air, nitrogen and oxygen Kashiwagi Y., Ito H., Itoh H.
1P01-23 Time-resolved measurement of electron swarm coefficients in tetrafluoroethane (R134a) Basurto E., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J.
1P01-24 Ozone production in dark discharge in oxygen Paris P., Valk F., Aints M., Kozlov K.V.
1P01-25 Ion and neutral species in H2, H2+Ar and H2+N2 plasmas generated in low pressure DC discharges Méndez I., Herrero V.J., Tanarro I.
1P01-26 Mass spectrometric investigation of the ion chemistry in H2/CH4/N2 DC discharges Tanarro I., Herrero V.J., Méndez I., Islyaikin A.M., Tabarés F.L., Tafalla D.
1P01-27 Ab initio calculations of low-lying states of SF Zivny O., Czernek J.
1P01-28 A comparison between A.C. and D.C. discharges in argon-hydrogen gas mixtures in the frame of the M-effect Ciobotaru L.C., Popa S.D.
1P01-29 Calculation of resonant charge exchange cross-sections of ions Rubidium, Cesium, Mercury and noble gases Maiorov S.A.
1P01-30 Measurement of metastable helium atoms in a hollow cathode discharge using laser absorption spectroscopy Okamoto A., Kitajima S., Sasao M.
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1P01-31 Effects of condensation on excited states of non-polar molecules: Cyclohexane and tetramethylsilane Guelfucci J.P.
1P01-32 Hydrodynamic approximation of stimulated Compton scattering of electromagnetic waves from a magnetized relativistic electron beam Ahmadizadeh Y., Shokri B.
1P01-33 Measurements and calculations of electron swarm coefficients in N2-CO2 mixtures Juárez A.M., Yousfi M., Basurto E., Bekstein A., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Benhenni M., de Urquijo J., Eichwald O.
1P01-34 Numerical calculation of Townsend electronic and ionic avalanches: electron detachment, photoelectron pulse and diffusion effects Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J., Rodríguez-Luna J.C., Ramos-Salas J.S.
1P01-35 Electron impact ionization and transport in nitrogen-argon mixtures Jovanovic J., Basurto E., Sasic O., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Petrovic Z.Lj., de Urquijo J.
1P01-36 Impact ionization & excitation cross-sections and numerical codes for non-stationary kinetics of plasmas Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Zakharov S.V.
1P01-37 The role of positronium formation in non-conservative positron transport in argon Suvakov M., Petrovic Z.Lj., Marler J., Buckman S.J., Malovic G.
1P01-38 Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons in AC dielectric barrier discharge Savadkouei H., Matin N.S., Jalili A.H., Ahmadi R., Khodagholi M., Bozorgzadeh H.R.
1P01-39 Effect of different parameter on the selectivity of methane conversion using catalytic enhanced dielectric-barrier discharge Bozorgzadeh H.R., Matin N.S., Jalili A.H., Savadkoohi H., Khodagholi M., Ahmadi R.
1P01-40 Determination of collisional quenching rate coefficient of N2(A3Su+) by air pollutants Suzuki S., Suzuki T., Itoh H.
1P01-41 Electron swarm parameters in pure N2O and in dilute N2O-Ar mixtures and electron collision cross sections of N2O molecule Nakamura Y.
1P01-42 Electron drift velocity and effective ionization coefficients in N2O, N2O-N2 and N2O-SF6 Basurto E., Hernández-Ávila J.L., Juárez A.M., de Urquijo J., Dupljanin S., Sasic O., Petrovic Z.Lj.
1P02-01 Electron-beam activation of Ar-SiH4 mixtures. The role of secondary electrons and metastable atoms Fedoseev A.V., Sukhinin G.I.
1P02-02 Cut-off criteria of electronic partition functions and transport properties of thermal plasmas Bruno D., Capitelli M., Catalfamo C., Laricchiuta A.
1P02-03 Transport of electronic energy in thermal plasmas Bruno D., Capitelli M., Catalfamo C., Laricchiuta A.
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1P02-04 The models of the electric arc between evaporating electrodes Zhovtyansky V.A., Lelyukh Yu.I.
1P02-05 Flowing characteristics of cold helium arc jet plasma along open-field-line Yoshida K., Kanuma T., Ichii H., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
1P02-06 Characteristics of cold argon arc jet plasma flowing along open-field-line and the collision effects for deceleration Nagahara Y., Ichii H., Yoshida K., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
1P02-07 Invasion of background atoms into hot rarefied expanding plasma jets Gabriel O., Colsters P., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
1P02-08 Supersonic ion flow in gas discharges Maiorov S.A.
1P02-09 Transparent radiation of intensively blasted electrical arc Gregor J., Jakubova I., Senk J.
1P02-10 Monte Carlo studies of the magnetic field effects on spatial relaxation of electron swarms Dujko S., Petrovic Z.Lj., Raspopovic Z.M., White R.D., Ness K.F., Robson R.E.
1P02-11 Kinetic equation for charge carriers in solid state plasma Alavi S.Kh., Shokri B.
1P02-12 Revisiting the normal cathode fall theory Nagorny V.P.
1P03-01 N2 laser - aluminum surface interaction Henc-Bartolic V., Schauperl Z., Pipic D.
1P03-02 Numerical analysis of the potential profile in the sheath formed in front of a floating electron emitting electrode immersed in a two-electron temperature plasma Gyergyek T., Cercek M.
1P03-03 Anode boundary conditions for electron density of electric arcs Lowke J.J., Tanaka M.
1P03-04 Investigation of the arc and glow phase fractions of ignition discharges in air and nitrogen for Ag, Pt, Cu and Ni electrodes Jeanvoine N., Jonsson R., Muecklich F.
1P03-05 Dynamical two-dimensional model of pre-explosion phase of microprotrusion heating by plasma contacting the wall Barengolts S.A., Mesyats G.A., Tsventoukh M.M.
1P03-06 Volt-ampere characteristics of planar diode in mode of emission limitation Pushkarev A.I., Sazonov R.V.
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1P03-07 Ion-conducting electrodes and probes for low temperature plasmas Meiss S.A., Steinmüller S.O., Rohnke M., Rettig F., Moos R., Janek J.
1P03-08 Plasma clouds collisions and ion trapping at laser–irradiated double–foil targets Renner O., Rosmej F.B., Dalimier E., Krouský E., Liska R., Schott R.
1P03-09 Stochastic models and computer simulation of first order phase transition non-linear fluctuation stage Zmievskaya G.I., Bondareva A.L.
1P03-10 Electrically exploded wire in water Priem D., Racineux G., Lochak G., Daviau C., Fargue D., Karatchentcheff M., Lehn H.
1P03-11 Calculation of heterogeneous recombination probabilities from a dynamical Monte Carlo scheme: fluctuations and averaging Guerra V.
1P03-12 Quantification of the sticking coefficient of hydrocarbons on fusion relevant carbon and tungsten surfaces Schustereder W., Endstrasser N., Rasul B., Zappa F., Grill V., Scheier P., Märk T.D.
1P03-13 Microstructure surface damaging : ionizing radiation pulse fluxes surface treatment and computer simulation Bondareva A.L., Gribkov V.V., Dubrovsky A.V., Pimenov V.N., Zmievskaya G.I.
1P03-14 Seasoning of plasma reactors: Effects of ion energy distributions to chamber walls Agarwal A., Kushner M.J.
1P03-15 Operation domains of an inside-gap RF discharge Stancu C., Luciu I., Ionita R.E., Mitu B., Dinescu G.
1P04-01 Magnetic field generation in collisionless anisotropic plasmas Pegoraro F., Califano F., Del Sarto D.
1P04-02 Propagating double layers in electronegative plasmas Meige A., Plihon N., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boeuf J.-P., Chabert P., Boswell R.
1P04-03 Limiting behaviour of a magnetised presheath Zimmermann T.M.G., Coppins M., Allen J.E.
1P04-04 Nonlinear electromagnetic waves in pair plasmas Cramer N.F., Kourakis I., Verheest F.
1P04-05 Effect of boundary conditions on the sheath potential establishment Matsuura H., Tomita Y.
1P04-06 Ultrarelativistic electron generation during the intense ultrashort laser pulse interaction with multicluster plasma Echkina I.Y., Inovenkov I.N., Fukuda Y., Bulanov S.V.
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1P04-07 Research of charge balance in diode unit of pulsed electron accelerator Pushkarev A.I., Sazonov R.V.
1P04-08 Initial experiments of drift wave turbulence in helicon high-density linear plasma device, LMD-U Shinohara S., Nagashima Y., Yamada T., Kawaguchi M., Terasaka K., Maruta T., Inagaki S., Kawai Y., Fujisawa A., Fukao M., Greiner F., Ignatenko M., Azumi M., Kasuya N., Yagi M., Itoh K., Itoh S.-I.
1P04-09 Control of the nonlinear dynamics of double layer charge structures using biharmonic perturbations Alexandroaei D., Stan C., Cristescu C.P.
1P04-10 Structure of the Hall currents in a current sheet formed in the 2D magnetic field with the X type null line Frank A.G., Bugrov S.G., Markov V.S.
1P04-11 First results from a purely toroidal electron plasma experiment Marler J., Ha Bao, Stoneking M.R.
1P04-12 Analysis of three simultaneously excited instabilities in low-temperature magnetized plasma Dimitriu D.G., Ionita C., Schrittwieser R.
1P04-13 On the dynamics of a complex space charge structure in a transversal magnetic field Niculescu O., Dimitriu D.G., Ionita C., Schrittwieser R.
1P04-14 Auto-excitation of helicon oscillations in a magnetized plasma filled resonator Gutorov K.M., Kurnaev V.A., Vizgalov I.V.
1P04-15 Rayleigh-Taylor and filamentation instabilities at the initial stage of the gas puff z-pinch implosion Chaikovsky S., Labetsky A., Rousskikh A., Shishlov A., Zhidkova N.
1P04-16 Bifurcations of current transfer through a collisional sheath and self-organization on glow cathodes Benilov M.S.
1P04-17 The responses to the high frequency oscillation in the strong self-organized toroidal plasma Watanabe M., Tozuka H., Shimizu S., Osanai Y., Shiina S., Saito K.
1P04-18 Plasma parameters distribution in the experimental model of the compact-dipole magnetic confinement device Krashevskaya G.V., Kurnaev V.A., Tsventoukh M.M.
1P04-19 Characteristics of detached argon plasma flowing along magnetic field line in a linear plasma device Ezumi N., Kobayashi T., Tsuchiya T., Yamazaki M.
1P04-20 Lévy walk kinetics of charged particle in a model of electrostatic turbulence Krlin L., Paprok R., Svoboda V.
1P04-21 Numerical investigation of stability of steady-state current transfer to thermionic cathodes Benilov M.S., Faria M.J.
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1P04-22 Interaction of absolutely and neutrally stable shock waves with vortex: computer simulation and comparison Fortov V.E., Konyukhov A.V., Likhachev A.P., Oparin A.M., Anisimov S.I.
1P04-23 Spatial distribution of streamer electron density in the development stage Chung M.
2P05-01 Ionization rate for breakdown waves Hemmati M., Weller M., Summers S.
2P05-02 An analysis of the cathode spot current density effect on plasma parameters in low-current vacuum arc Mungkung N., Thungsuk N.
2P05-03 Computer simulation of focused electron beam generation by plasma electron gun Litovko I.V., Oks E.M.
2P05-04 Optimized process design of high density plasma-chemical vapour deposition of silicon oxide film Ryu K.H., Hwang J., Seo D.S., Hong S.
2P05-05 Numerical simulation of glow discharge parameters and its current-voltage characteristics in non-linear approach by solving integral equation Melnyk I.V.
2P05-06 Modeling of dual-frequency capacitive discharges Donko Z.
2P05-07 Effect of transverse magnetic field configuration on plasma immersion ion implantation processing Kostov K.G., Pillaca E.J.D.M.
2P05-08 Computer simulation of an atmospheric pressure RF plasma needle Kazimierski P., Kotecka D.
2P05-09 Simulation of streamer development in different electric fields Nikandrov D., Tsendin L., Kolobov V., Arslanbekov R.R.
2P05-10 Caesium volume effects on multicusp ion source kinetics Pagano D., Gorse C., Capitelli M.
2P05-11 Full-dimensional hybrid computer simulations of electropositive plasma behaviour in the vicinity of cylindrical probe Bartos P., Hrach R., Blazek J., Jelinek P.
2P05-12 Neutral gas modelling of the linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI van Eck H.J.N., Koppers W.R., van Rooij G.J., de Groot B., Smeets P.H.M., Lopes Cardozo N.J., Kleyn A.W., Goedheer W.J.
2P05-13 Streamer propagation in non-uniform field with dielectric barrier Kumada A., Morisaki D., Takahashi I., Hidaka K.
Link Title   Authors
2P05-14 Negative streamer fronts: comparison of particle and fluid models and hybrid coupling in space Li C., Brok W.J.M., Ebert U., Hundsdorfer W., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-15 Particle-based modeling of oxygen discharges Bronold F.X., Matyash K., Tskhakaya D., Schneider R., Fehske H.
2P05-16 Simulations of vortex motion in electron plasmas using a special-purpose computer system designed to solve the N-body gravitational problem Maeki Y., Mizuno Y., Muto K., Inuzuka H., Cao Y., Liu Y., Yazawa K.
2P05-17 Electron transport parameters and rate coefficients for the modeling a RF discharge in N2-CH4 Pintassilgo C.D., Alcouffe G., Cernogora G., Loureiro J.
2P05-18 Polytropic coefficient gamma in the fluid simulation of the plasma-sheath transition Riemann K.-U.
2P05-19 The consequences of neglecting an external circuit in a 2d3v Particle-In-Cell/Monte Carlo Collisions model for a direct current planar magnetron Bultinck E., Kolev I., Bogaerts A.
2P05-20 Numerical simulation of filamentary discharges with the parallel adaptive mesh refinement technique Pancheshnyi S., Ségur P., Bourdon A.
2P05-21 Spatially resolved electron transport behaviours near boundary Takeda A., Ikuta N.
2P05-22 Progress in the simulation of hydrogen RF discharge plasmas Diomede P., Michau A., Morscheidt W., Hassouni K., Longo S., Capitelli M.
2P05-23 Particle-in-cell simulation for the acceleration channel of a cylindrical Hall thruster Lee H.J., Seon J.
2P05-24 Impact of azimuthal instabilities on electron behaviour in a Hall Effect thruster Perez-Luna J., Hagelaar G.J.M., Garrigues L., Dubuit N., Boeuf J.-P.
2P05-25 Two-dimensional modelling of a microwave plasma reactor operated by an axial injection torch Alvarez R., Marques L., Alves L.L.
2P05-26 Modelling of a radio-frequency ICP-reactor with an ion beam system Cruz J., Gregório J., Cardoso S., Freitas P.P., Alves L.L.
2P05-27 Plasma backflow phenomenon in high-current vacuum arc Wang L., Jia S., Zhang L., Shi Z., Yang D.
2P05-28 Fast magnetoacoustic waves in magnetized elliptic plasmas Grekov D.L.
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2P05-29 Computational study of sheath structure in multicomponent plasma Hrach R., Hrachova V., Bruna P., Novak S., Cerny P.
2P05-30 A unified theory of ionization and discharge physics based on EHD/EMHD as an extension of Alfven’s MHD: A goal of Von Engel’s desire towards simplification and unification of ionization and discharge physics Kikuchi H.
2P05-31 A comparative study between 2D and 1D numerical models for the description of streamer propagation in air Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N.
2P05-32 Theoretical and experimental studies of the plasma processes in hollow cathode discharge lasers Mihailova D., Grozeva M., Sabotinov N., van Dijk J., Brok W.J.M., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-33 The role of the field emission effect in the deviations from the Paschen law Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Radjenovic B.
2P05-34 The influence of the initial energy and the reflection coefficient on the back diffusion of electrons in nitrogen Radmilovic-Radjenovic M., Nina A., Petrovic Z.Lj.
2P05-35 Calculation of the real spectral line shape by solving the ill-posed inverse problem Zorina N., Revalde G., Skudra A.
2P05-36 Pseudo-spectral 3D simulations of streamers with adaptively refined grids Luque A., Ebert U., Montijn C., Hundsdorfer W.
2P05-37 The use of a direct numerical solution of the radiative transfer equation to improve the simulation of streamer discharges Capeillere J., Ségur P., Célestin S., Bourdon A., Pancheshnyi S.
2P05-38 Generalized model of dust grain charging in plasma sheath Blazek J., Basner R., Bartos P., Spatenka P., Kersten H.
2P05-39 Study of Z pinch evolution by snow-plow model Ghomi H., Rostami S., Latifi H.
2P05-40 The scaling problem and the laminar-turbulent transition criterion for the plasma flow in the long plasmatron channel Sinkevich O.A., Chikunov S.E.
2P05-41 Plasma dynamics in hollow cathode triggered discharge with influence of fast electrons on ionization phenomena and EUV emission Zakharov S.V., Zakharov V.S., Novikov V.G., Mond M., Choi P.
2P05-42 The structural unstable vector configuration in plasma and urbanistic Kurov I.A.
2P05-43 Electron distribution function in the external corona of laser generated plasma Masek M., Rohlena K.
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2P05-44 Simulation of the non-equilibrium transverse arc discharge in air Tropina A.A., Avedyan V.Sh.
2P05-45 Radiation transport in metal halide lamps Beks M.L., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
2P05-46 PIC simulation and kinetic theory of the sheath in ion-ion plasmas Meige A., Leray G., Raimbault J.-L., Chabert P.
2P05-47 One dimensional Hybrid Maxwell-Boltzmann model of sheath evolution comparison with PIC simulations Sarrailh P., Garrigues L., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boeuf J.-P., Sandolache G., Rowe S., Jusselin B.
2P05-48 Formation of runaway electron distribution function during gas breakdown in high electric fields Nikandrov D., Kolobov V.
2P05-49 Numerical investigations on the stochastic heating Bayrak M., Brinkmann R.P.
2P05-50 Numerical investigation of the RF plasma boundary sheath Heil B.G., Schulze J., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P., Luggenhölscher D., Czarnetzki U.
2P05-51 Finite element analysis of atmospheric pressure RF-excited plasma needle for biomedical application Sakiyama Y., Graves D.
2P05-52 Multigrid solver for axisymmetrical 2D fluid equations Ristivojevic Z., Petrovic Z.Lj.
2P05-53 Toward an improved moving mesh method for the simulation of streamer discharges Bessieres D., Paillol J., Bourdon A., Ségur P., Marode E.
2P05-54 Formation and propagation of ionization potential waves in various pressures Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N.
2P05-55 CH4 plasma steam reforming modeling at atmospheric pressure Cormier J.M., Ouni F., Khacef A.
2P05-56 Particle simulation of negative hydrogen ion transport Diomede P., Longo S., Capitelli M.
2P13-01 High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering: Model and experiments Burcalova K., Vlcek J., Kudlacek P.
2P13-02 The role of per-hydroxyl in the multiwall carbon nanotube growth by PECVD Chen Q., Fu Y.B., Zhang C.M., Zhang Y.F.
Link Title   Authors
2P13-03 Synthesis of carbon nanoparticles from Ar/H2/C2H2 plasmas: analysis of the film properties and electron energy distribution function Camero M., Gordillo-Vázquez F.J., Gómez-Aleixandre C.
2P13-04 Synthesis of Cu and Cu2O nanopowders by pulsed discharge in solution process for catalytic application Burakov V.S., Butsen A.V., Misakov P.Y., Nevar A.A., Radkevich V.Z., Savastenko N.A., Tarasenko N.V.
2P13-05 Energy and angular dependence of incident Ar ion in dry-etching of wurtzite-type GaN crystal Harafuji K., Kawamura K.
2P13-06 Electrical discharges in liquids for nanoparticles production Burakov V.S., Savastenko N.A., Tarasenko N.V.
2P13-07 Surface modification of polyethylene and polypropylene in low-pressure plasma and in atmospheric pressure plasma-solution system Titov V., Shikova T., Rybkin V., Kulentsan A., Ageeva T., Choi H.-S.
2P13-08 Plasma sputtering deposition of PEMFC active catalytic layer Rabat H., Brault P., Caillard A., Thomann A.L.
2P13-09 Titanium thin films sputtered by a cavity hollow cathode discharge on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite Vojvodic I., Olenici S.B., Ionita C., Jaksch S., Balan P., Rasul B., Scheier P., Schrittwieser R.
2P13-10 MW plasma treatment of powder materials Spatenka P., Hladik J., Pichal J., Aubrecht L.
2P13-11 Wettability of polyester fabric controlled by an atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge Klenko Y., Pichal J., Aubrecht L.
2P13-12 Deposition of metal nanoparticles at ionic-liquid|plasma interfaces Poelleth M., Meiss S.A., Rohnke M., Kienle L., Zein El Abedin S., Endres F., Janek J.
2P13-13 Decomposition of organic dyes with sputtered TiO2 photocatalytic films Sicha J., Musil J.
2P13-14 Effect of hydrogen on sputtering discharge and properties of TiO2 films Musil J., Ondok V.
2P13-15 Application of hybrid nano-diamond coating to cutting tools Sakudo N., Ikenaga N., Yasui H., Awazu K.
2P13-16 Silicon surface processing by quasistationary plasma flow Dojčinović I.P., Kuraica M.M., Obradović B.M., Purić J.
2P13-17 Encapsulation of plasma black nanoparticles by miniemulsion polymerization Jang H.S., Park D.W., Shim S.E.
Link Title   Authors
2P13-18 SiO2 deposition using cold arc plasma jet at atmospheric pressure Han M.H., Noh J.H., Park K.W., Hwang H.S., Baik H.K., Doh G.H., Kang I.A., Lee S.Y.
2P13-19 Reactive magnetron sputtering of hard Si–B–C–N coatings with high-temperature oxidation resistance Hreben S., Kalas J., Vlcek J., Capek J., Zeman P., Perina V., Setsuhara Y.
2P13-20 Effect of methane/hydrogen mixture gases on plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for carbon nanotubes growth Okita A., Suda Y., Oda A., Nakamura J., Sugawara H., Sakai Y.
2P13-21 Plasma surface modification in relation to polymer properties Borcia C., Borcia G., Dumitrascu N.
2P13-22 Ar rf plasma effect on polymer surfaces Rusu I.A., Borcia G., Sayed S.O., Sullivan J.L.
2P13-23 Prospects of plasma-solution system application to textile material treatment Nikiforov A.Yu., Maximov A., Ermolaeva N.A.
2P13-24 Oxidation of sputtered Cu films during thermal annealing in flowing air Sasek M., Zeman P., Musil J.
2P13-25 Deposition and analysis of thin films produced in atmospheric pressure glow discharge Sira M., Buršíková V., Franta D., Trunec D.
2P13-26 Experimental and theoretical study of PECVD in model of hollow substrates Bartos P., Sedláková L., Spatenka P.
2P13-27 FTIR analysis of plasma polymerized SiOx films for diffusion barrier coatings of PET bottles Deilmann M., Pawoehner C., Awakowicz P.
2P13-28 TiO2 thin films characterization by the polar and dispersion components of the surface free energy Horáková M., Kolouch A., Mužíčková K., Grégr J., Hajkova P., Hedánek O., Spatenka P., Pichal J.
2P13-29 Amine functionality of poly(ethylene terepthalate) films surfaces induced by chemical and RF plasma treatments Aflori M., Drobota M., Timpu D., Barboiu V.
2P13-30 Formation of carbon nanostructures by the plasma jets emitted from a pulsed capillary discharge at low pressures Favre M., Bhuyan H., Wyndham E., Avaria G., Valderrama E., Chuaqui H., Baier J.
2P13-31 Uniformalization of the AT cut quartz crystal wafer using maskless localized atmospheric pressure plasma etching process Yamamura K., Yamamoto Y., Morikawa T., Shibahara M., Mori Y.
2P13-32 Characteristics of the electric discharge in conditions of a submerged liquid flow influence Azizov E.A., Emel'yanov A.I., Rodionov N.B.
Link Title   Authors
2P13-33 Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes growth on carbon layer encapsulated catalytic metal particles Mesko M., Ou Q., Matsuda T., Tanaka T., Ogino A., Nagatsu M.
2P13-34 Observation of surface and cross section of amorphous fluorocarbon films composed by perfluoro-octane plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition Yamauchi T., Koike H., Sugawara H., Suda Y., Sakai Y.
2P13-35 Application of atmospheric pressure glow discharge (APGD) for deposition of thin silica-like films on polymeric webs Starostin S., Aldea E., de Vries H., Creatore M., van de Sanden M.C.M.
2P13-36 Metallic nanoparticle evolution by low-energy ion irradiation in glow-discharge plasma Abidzina V., Tereshko I., Elkin I., Budak S., Muntele C., Ila D.
2P13-37 Plasma chemical surface functionalization of PTFE sheet through Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Liquid Deposition approach Zettsu N., Itoh H., Yamamura K.
2P13-38 Study of thickness reduction of a-C:H thin film under UV light irradiation Valtr M., Klapetek P., Ohlidal I., Duchon V.
2P13-39 Deposition of BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin films by double RF hollow cathode plasma jet system Hubicka Z., Virostko P., Olejnicek J., Deyneka A., Adamek P., Valvoda V., Jastrabik L., Sicha M., Tichy M.
2P13-40 Experimental study of the erosion of Ar/H2 plasma-facing carbon surfaces: optical emission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements Hansen T., Ledru G., Yagci G., Singh S.V., Schram D.C., Engeln R.
2P13-41 Comparison of magnetron based PECVD and high frequency PECVD for large area deposition Schmittgens R., Fahlteich J., Fahland M., Meyer B., Schönberger W., Schultheiß E.
2P13-42 Preparation of PBG fiber for ammonia concentration measuring device Pawlat J., Matsuo T., Li X., Sugiyama T., Ueda T.
2P13-43 Surface characterization of plasma modified chitosan film using surface-wave plasma Ogino A., Kral M., Yamashita M., Nagatsu M.
2P13-44 Electric probe diagnostics of the hollow cathode plasma jet system for TiOx thin films deposition Virostko P., Hubicka Z., Kment S., Adamek P., Jastrabik L., Tichy M.
2P13-45 Deposition of thin TiOx films by surfatron generated plasma Straňák V., Kment S., Hubicka Z., Klusoň P., Krýsa J., Sichova H., Tichy M., Spatenka P.
2P13-46 Ag-Al2O3 composite thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) technology Musa G., Ekem N., Pat S., Balbag M., Contulov M., Pirpiliu G., Vladoiu R.
2P13-47 High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering of TiN films and their mechanical properties Zustin B., Burcalova K., Vlcek J., Lukas J.
Link Title   Authors
2P13-48 Influence of set up parameters variation on Pulsed Laser Deposition of Glassy Carbon Mangione A., Torrisi L.
2P13-49 Influence of the geometrical parameters on the thickness of carbon thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) technology Musa G., Vladoiu R., Mandes A., Dinca V., Pat S., Ekem N.
2P13-50 Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge assisted deposition of water repellent films from N2/HMDSO mixtures on wood surface Odraskova M., Szalay Z., Rahel J., Zahoranova A., Cernak M.
2P13-51 Effect of substrate biasing on amino group addition on polyethylene surface using time-modulated surface-wave plasma Kral M., Ogino A., Narushima K., Yamashita M., Nagatsu M.
2P13-52 Microfabrication process and power supply for tilt measurement device Matsuo T., Pawlat J., Liang J., Kohsaka F., Ueda T.
2P13-53 Etching of organic low dielectric constant film in 100MHz capacitively coupled H2/N2 gases plasmas Yamamoto H., Takashima S., Takeda K., Kawauchi R., Takahashi S., Den S., Sekine M., Hori M.
2P13-54 Fabrication of submicron-dot-arrayed carbon nanotube emitters using DC plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition Matsuda T., Ishikawa T., Mesko M., Ogino A., Nagatsu M.
2P13-55 Surface analysis by plasma assisted desorption ionisation mass spectrometry (PADI-MS) Whitmore T.D., Gonzalvo Y., Greenwood C.L., Rees J.A., Ratcliffe L.V., Barrett D.A., Rutten F.J.M., McCoustra M.R.S.
3P10-01 Fast imaging of oscillatory streamer discharge in dense air Agneray A., Auzas F., Makarov M., Jaffrezic X., Puech V., Tardiveau P.
3P10-02 Measurements and numerical simulations of fluorescent light spatial distributions for high pressure Ne and N2 excited by 12 keV electron beams Morozov A., Wieser J., Krücken R., Ulrich A.
3P10-03 Measurement of gas temperature and OH density in pulsed positive corona discharge Ono R., Oda T.
3P10-04 Simulation of discharge phenomena evolved at wire explosion in vacuum Baksht R.B., Beilis I.I., Oreshkin V., Rousskikh A.
3P10-05 Negative corona discharge fed by oxygen with electronegative gas impurities (N2O) Orszagh J., Skalny J.D., Mason N.J.
3P10-06 Comparison between a hydrogen - filled gap breakdown and a breakdown along exploding tungsten fine wire Rousskikh A., Oreshkin V., Labetsky A., Shishlov A., Chaikovsky S.A.
3P10-07 Preliminary results in atmospheric pressure Ar-He microwave sustained discharges Muńoz J., Santiago I., Luque J.M., Calzada M.D.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-08 Effect of gas heating on excimer distribution in DBD Xe excimer lamp Akashi H., Oda A., Sakai Y.
3P10-09 Effect of surface charge on ignition of RF impulse discharge used for surface MgO coating in a small-diameter glass tube Muraoka T., Iizuka S.
3P10-10 Plasma characteristics in air and vapor bubbles in water Bruggeman P., Degroote J., Leys C., Vierendeels J.
3P10-11 Axial study of a neon surface-wave-sustained-discharge at atmospheric pressure Sáinz A., García M.C., Sáez M., Calzada M.D.
3P10-12 Characterization of microplasma jets at atmospheric pressure Souza Correa J.A., Oliveira C., Gomes M.P., Sismanoglu B.N., Amorim J.
3P10-13 Numerical investigations of the integral of specific action of current for electrically exploded wires Oreshkin V., Barengolts S.A., Chaikovsky S.A.
3P10-14 Fundamental characteristics of microwave discharge type plasma source under atmosphere pressure Kobayashi A., Takao Y., Komurasaki K.
3P10-15 Electrical and thermal characterisation of a very low power atmospheric pressure He plasma Anghel S.D., Simon A.
3P10-16 Ignition of hydrocarbon-containing mixtures by nonequilibrium plasma. Experiment and numerical modelling Aleksandrov N.L., Kindisheva S.V., Kosarev I.N., Starikovskaia S.M., Starikovskii A.
3P10-17 Dynamics of relay electric breakdown along gas bubble chain in a liquid Akishev Yu.S., Aponin G.I., Grushin M.E., Karalnik V.B., Petryakov F., Trushkin N.I.
3P10-18 Influence of negative ions on the humidity effect on the first corona inception Ortéga P., Rodiere M., Diaz R., Heilbronner F., Rühling F.
3P10-19 Atmospheric correction factor for impulse breakdown voltage Ortéga P., Waters R.T., Haddad A., Hameed R., Davies A.J.
3P10-20 Study of homogeneous DBD with fine wire meshes and PET films in air at atmospheric pressure Mao T., Guan Z., Luo H., Liang Z., Wang X., Jia Z., Wang L.
3P10-21 Properties of the MHCD in xenon Lee B.-J., Rahaman H., Frank K., Mares L., Biborosch D.-L.
3P10-22 Gliding discharge oxidation of hydrocarbons in the process of waste destruction Opalinska T., Kowalska E., Radomska J., Ulejczyk B.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-23 Volumetric atmospheric pressure glow discharge maintained by self-sustained dc glow discharge in helium Arkhipenko V.I., Callegari Th., Pitchford L., Safronau Ya.A., Simonchik L.V.
3P10-24 Atmospheric pressure air glow discharge in a three-electrode configuration Arkhipenko V.I., Callegari Th., Pitchford L., Safronau Ya.A., Simonchik L.V.
3P10-25 Self absorbed lines analysis of a recombining laser induced metallic plasma Ribiere M., Cheron B.G., Bultel A.
3P10-26 Spectroscopic study of the negative corona discharge in liquid and supercritical 4He Li Z., Bonifaci N., Denat A., Atrazhev V.M., Shakhatov V.A.
3P10-27 Influence of the gas flow rate on the column length and the electron density in an argon surface wave sustained discharge at atmospheric pressure Martínez-Aguilar J., Castańos-Martínez E., García M.C., Calzada M.D.
3P10-28 On the source of runaway electrons in a pulsed gas discharge Mesyats G.A.
3P10-29 Optical and electrical characteristics of dielectric coplanar surface barrier discharge in nitrogen Simek M., Homola T.
3P10-30 Efficiency of ozone production by dielectric coplanar surface barrier discharge in synthetic air Simek M., Homola T.
3P10-31 Discharge in the gas channel with liquid walls as generator of non-thermal plasma at atmospheric pressure Prysiazhnevych I.V., Yukhymenko V.V., Chernyak V.Ya., Olshevskiy S.V., Naumov V.V., Skalny J.D., Matejcik S., Verovchuk M.O., Sidoruk S.M.
3P10-32 Kinetic model analysis of C3H8 plasma for olefin synthesis in microplasma reactors Agiral A., Trionfetti C., Seshan K., Lefferts L., Gardeniers J.G.E.
3P10-33 CN(B2S+®X2S+) violet system emission in a N2-CH4 atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge Scarduelli G., Franceschi P., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-34 Generation and characteristics of rf discharge plasmas in contact with ionic liquids under low gas pressure Baba K., Kaneko T., Hatakeyama R.
3P10-35 Electrohydrodynamic properties of surface dielectric barrier discharges in ambient air for aerodynamic airflow control Pons J., Moreau E., Touchard G.
3P10-36 Atmospheric pressure RF discharge in argon: optical diagnostic, fluid model and applications Balcon N., Aanesland A., Hagelaar G.J.M., Boswell R., Boeuf J.-P.
3P10-37 Degradation of persistent materials by pulsed barrier discharge generated in gas-liquid two-phase flow Yasuoka K., Katayama H., Ishii S.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-38 Positive point-to-plane corona discharge in air: electrical and optical analysis Merbahi N., Eichwald O., Dubois D., Abahazem A., Yousfi M.
3P10-39 Characteristics of dielectric barrier discharge reactor for material treatment Kostov K.G., Honda R.Y., Kayama M.E., Alves L.S.M.
3P10-40 UV emissions from an unipolar sub-ms pulsed DBD in He-Air mixtures Pipa A., Schmidt M., Becker K.
3P10-41 The ozone generation in positive and negative DC corona discharges fed by dry oxygen: Effect of gas flow rate Orszagh J., Horvath G., Matejcik S., Skalny J.D., Mason N.J.
3P10-42 An immersed boundary method to simulate positive streamer propagation in point-to-plane geometry in air Zeghondy B., Célestin S., Bourdon A., Ségur P., Bessieres D., Paillol J.
3P10-43 A chemical model for the atmospheric pressure plasma reforming of methane with oxygen Matin N.S., Whitehead J.C.
3P10-44 Atomic oxygen density in the effluent of an RF-excited atmospheric pressure plasma jet: Measurements, modelling, mechanisms Reuter S., Niemi K., Schulz-von der Gathen V., Doebele H.F.
3P10-45 Structure formation in a DC-driven "barrier" discharge: stability analysis and numerical solutions Ebert U., Rafatov I.R., Sijacic D.D.
3P10-46 Comparison of the classical integral model with Eddington approximation and Helmholtz equation based models for photoionization produced by non-thermal gas discharges in air Bourdon A., Pasko V.P., Liu N.Y., Célestin S., Ségur P., Marode E.
3P10-47 The effect of diluting gas on hydrocarbons decomposition in gliding discharge Opalinska T., Ulejczyk B., Pawlowski S.
3P10-48 Chemistry of methane-nitrogen in a dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure Scarduelli G., Franceschi P., Guella G., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-49 Chemical processes in nitrogen-benzene plasmas at atmospheric pressure Franceschi P., Guella G., Scarduelli G., Dilecce G., de Benedictis S., Tosi P.
3P10-50 Sliding discharge study in axisymmetric configuration Zouzou N., Takashima K., Moreau E., Mizuno A., Touchard G.
3P10-51 Near room-temperature sub-microsecond pulsed plasma jet in flowing atmospheric argon Walsh J.L., Kong M.G.
3P10-52 Experimental investigation of subnanosecond gas breakdown in the E/p range 103 to 105 V/cm torr Krompholz H., Hatfield L., Neuber A., Chaparro J., Justis W.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-53 On the interaction of UV light with the surface charge in N2 surface DBD de Benedictis S., Ambrico P.F., Dilecce G., Simek M.
3P10-54 Transient spark discharge in N2/CO2/H2O mixtures at atmospheric pressure Janda M., Machala Z.
3P10-55 DBD for aerodynamic flow control: numerical investigation and coupling with computational fluid dynamics Unfer T., Lagmich Y., Rogier F., Thivet F., Boeuf J.-P.
3P10-56 High-voltage pulsed discharge along the water surface. Electric and spectral characteristics Anpilov A.M., Barkhudarov E.M., Kop'ev V.A., Kossyi I.A.
3P10-57 Spectral analysis of the light emitted from streamers in liquid CCl4 Ingebrigtsen S., Bonifaci N., Denat A., Lesaint O.
3P10-58 Characterization of plasma needle with an additional grounded ring Lazovic S., Puač N., Malovic G., Dordevic A.R., Petrovic Z.Lj.
3P10-59 Seed electron model for Monte Carlo HPM breakdown model Neuber A., Edmiston G.F., Krompholz H.
3P10-60 Numerical simulation and comparison with experiment for a positive point to plane corona discharges in dry air Ducasse O., Eichwald O., Merbahi N., Dubois D., Yousfi M.
3P10-61 Numerical simulations of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges in He at different operating conditions Martens T., Bogaerts A., Brok W.J.M., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
3P10-62 Plasma discharges at atmospheric pressure for boundary layer separation control and neutral flow propulsion Martins A.A., Pinheiro M.J.
3P10-63 Temporal and spatial evolution of the reactive species in a pulsed-DBD in He Chiper A.S., Cazan R., Pohoata V., Popa G.
3P10-64 Parallel operation of micro-hollow-cathode sustained discharge Maeyama M., Ishigaya A., Takamine Y., Akashi Y.
3P10-65 Large-scaled line plasma production by evanescent microwave in a narrow rectangular waveguide Abdel Fattah E., Suzuki M., Kitamura Y., Shindo H.
3P10-66 Corona discharge and flow characteristics of wire-plate type electrohydrodynamic gas pumps: ground plate convergent angle effect Chang J.S., Tsubone H., Buenconsejo N., Ueno J., Harvel G.D., Mizeraczyk J., Urashima K.
3P10-67 The two-dimensional spectroscopic investigation of the development of the coplanar dielectric barrier discharge in synthetic air at atmospheric pressure Hoder T., Sira M., Kozlov K.V., Wagner H.-E.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-68 Ozone generation by micro-plasma devices: feasibility study Fateev A., Stamate E., Michelsen P.
3P10-69 Creation of DC diaphragm discharge in electrolytes Stara Z., Krcma F., Slavicek P., Aubrecht V.
3P10-70 Breakdown of the DC diaphragm discharge in selected water solutions Prochazkova J., Stara Z., Krcma F.
3P10-71 Optical emission spectroscopy of the barrier torch discharge Chichina M., Churpita O., Hubicka Z., Kment S., Tichy M.
3P10-72 Numerical study of microhollow cathode discharges: influence of discharge geometry on the current–voltage characteristic Makasheva K., Boeuf J.-P., Pitchford L.
3P10-73 Collective effect in the streamer ignition of surface discharges Allegraud K., Guaitella O., Rousseau A.
3P10-74 Properties of back ionisation cold plasma reactor with gas permeable electrodes Kacprzyk R., Mista W.
3P10-75 Atmospheric pressure discharge in coaxial type electrodes operated with DC voltage Ando A., Kumagai T., Hattori K., Inutake M.
3P10-76 Measurements and simulations of the ionic wind produced by a DC corona discharge between cylindrical wires Berard P., Lacoste D.A., Laux C.O.
3P10-77 Influence of electrode temperature on plasma parameters of diffuse coplanar surface discharge Cech J., Brablec A., Stahel P., Cernak M.
3P10-78 Memory effect on the spatio-temporal self-organization of streamers in a DBD Célestin S., Canes-Boussard G., Guaitella O., Bourdon A., Rousseau A.
3P10-79 Application of back ionisation phenomenon in a construction of cold plasma reactors Kacprzyk R., Mista W.
3P10-80 Transmission-line analysis of streamers and leaders Fernsler R.F., Lampe M., Slinker S.P., Gordon D.F., Sprangle P.
3P10-81 Optically transparent microplasma devices and arrays fabricated by polymer-based replica molding Park S.-J., Lu M., Zheng J., Anderson T.S., Cunningham B.T., Eden J.G.
3P10-82 Comparative spectroscopic study of dielectric barrier discharge in rare gases Ledru G., Merbahi N., Sewraj N., Marchal F.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-83 Nonequilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jets with a single electrode and their applications to chemical reactions and sterilization Kitano K., Furusho H., Nagasaki Y., Ikawa S., Hamaguchi S.
3P10-84 Spatial-time modulations of VUV-VIS emission of high pressure pulsed volume discharge in argon Lissovski A.A., Treshchalov A.B.
3P10-85 Study of the reactivity of a microplasma Aubert X., Pipa A., Röpcke J., Rousseau A.
3P10-86 Pulsed corona investigations with a wide parameter range Briels T.M.P., van Veldhuizen E.M., Pemen A.J.M., Winands G.J.J., Ebert U.
3P10-87 Characterization of discharges in atmospheric pressure air at 300-1000 K generated by nanosecond pulses repetitively applied at 2-30 kHz Pai D., Lacoste D.A., Stancu G.D., Laux C.O.
3P10-88 An atmospheric pressure coaxial DBD reactor under bi-polar pulsed HV excitation Panousis E., Clement F., Proimadis K., Loiseau J.F., Held B., Marlin L.
3P10-89 Comparison between experimental and modelling results of an atmospheric pressure N2 DBD discharge under 130 kHz sinusoidal excitation Panousis E., Papageorghiou L., Spyrou N., Loiseau J.F., Held B., Clement F.
3P10-90 Light emission characteristics of micro-discharge array devices Waskönig J., O'Connell D., Schulz-von der Gathen V., Winter J.
3P10-91 Electrical and optical observations of an RF-driven micro-discharge source and plume Mahony C.M.O., Gans T., Graham W.G., Maguire P.D., Petrovic Z.Lj.
3P10-92 Optimization of large-scale DBD plasmas: Mechanism and implications for improved ozone generation Vezzu G., Merz R., Gisler R., Paolini B., Lopez J., Freilich A., Becker K.
3P10-93 The effects of methane contamination in dielectric barrier discharge ozone generators Lopez J., Vezzu G., Freilich A., Pitchford L., Belkind A., Becker K.
3P10-94 Electrical and emission studies of a large area, uniform dielectric barrier discharge operating in polymer film processing mode Graham W.G., Della Croce D., Hynes A.M., O'Neill L., Dowling D., Twomey B., Byrne G.
3P10-95 Underwater discharge and water filled capillary discharge Ceccato P., Rousseau A.
3P10-96 Discharge plasmas generated by piezoelectric transformer and their applications: material effect of dielectric barrier electrode on ozone generation Teranishi K., Itoh H., Shimomura N., Suzuki S.
3P10-97 Characterization of a low current-high voltage air arc discharge at high pressure Petitpas G., Gonzalez-Aguilar J., Darmon A., Metkemeijer R., Fulcheri L.
Link Title   Authors
3P10-98 Generation of DC-driven non-thermal plasma in atmospheric pressure air Choi J., Namihira T., Katsuki S., Akiyama H.
3P15-01 ·OH molecular based barrier discharge lamp Sosnin E.A., Avdeev S.M., Tarasenko V.F.
3P15-02 Generation of halogen dimers emission in dielectric barrier discharge Sosnin E.A., Avdeev S.M., Tarasenko V.F.
3P15-03 Multi-wavelength dielectric barrier discharge excilamp with a mixture of krypton, chlorine, and bromine Sosnin E.A., Avdeev S.M., Tarasenko V.F.
3P15-04 A high power (50 MW), broadband (50%) plasma-aided microwave amplifier Bogdankevich I.L., Ivanov I.E., Loza O.T., Strelkov P.S., Ulyanov D.K., Garate E.
3P15-05 Heavy ion beam pumped excimer lasers Ulrich A., Adonin A., Hoffmann D.H.H., Jacoby J., Krücken R., Morozov A., Turtikov V., Varentsov D., Wieser J.
3P15-06 Effect of beam pre-modulation on gain and efficiency in Cerenkov free electron laser Sharma S.C., Bhasin A.
3P15-07 High gain prediction for soft x-ray laser pumped by plasma pinch in nitrogen capillary discharge Vrba P., Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Jancarek A., Vrbova M.
3P15-08 Low pressure (rare gas + water vapor)-discharge as a light source: (1) spectra and efficiency Artamonova E., Artamonova T., Beliaeva A., Gorbov D., Michael D., Khodorkovskii M., Melnikov A., Milenin V., Murashov S., Rakcheeva L., Timofeev N.
3P15-09 Low pressure (rare gas + water vapor)-discharge as a light source: (2) electrical characteristics Artamonova E., Artamonova T., Beliaeva A., Gorbov D., Michael D., Khodorkovskii M., Melnikov A., Milenin V., Murashov S., Rakcheeva L., Timofeev N., Zissis G.
3P15-10 Towards nitrogen recombination soft X-ray laser scheme in a capillary discharge z-pinch Kampel N.S., Rikanati A., Beery I., Avni U., Ben-Kish A., Fisher A., Ron A.
3P15-11 Discharge characteristics of MgO thin films deposited by sputtering Misu T., Sugimoto M., Namie M., Goto M., Arai T.
3P15-12 Absorption and emission spectra of gaseous indium monohalides Koerber A., Hayashi D.
3P15-13 Dynamics and gain prediction for nonequilibrium plasma in low-inductive discharges Burtsev V.A., Kalinin N.V., Vrba P., Vrbova M.
3P15-14 Compact pulse power generator for X-pinch researches Ratakhin N., Feduschak V., Erfort A., Zharova N., Chaikovsky S., Oreshkin V., Zhidkova N., Fedunin A.
Link Title   Authors
3P15-15 Development of multi metallic emission array using micro hollow cathode plasma Ohta T., Tachibana Y., Ito M., Takashima S., Higashijima Y., Kano H., Den S., Hori M.
3P15-16 Emission spectra of discharge in sapphire and alumina capillaries filled by argon or nitrogen Tamas M., Jancarek A., Nevrkla M., Vrbova M., Vrba P.
3P15-17 The effect of discharge mode on Ba atom loss from the electrode of a low-pressure fluorescent lamp Ueda T., Egashira Y., Samir A., Yamagata Y., Uchino K., Manabe Y.
3P15-18 Observation of discharge patterns in a coaxial dielectric barrier discharge Khatun H., Kumar M., Sharma A.K., Barhai P.K., Lee B.-J., Rahaman H.
3P15-19 Breakdown in xenon model discharge lamps Peters S., Hadrath S., Wendt M., Kloss A., Kettlitz M.
3P15-20 Numerical simulation of the attachment of high intensity discharges at tungsten cathodes Scharf F.H., Langenscheidt O., Mentel J.
3P15-21 Large scale arrays of microcavity plasma devices based on self-assembled ring electrodes and interconnects Eden J.G., Kim K.S., Price A.J., Park S.-J.
3P15-22 Soft X-ray emission from a plasma focus of hundreds joules Silva P., Moreno J., Pavez C., Arancibia J., Soto L.
3P15-23 Low-pressure microwave discharge in an Ar/Hg mixture as a UV source Barkhudarov E.M., Kossyi I.A., Malykh N.I., Misakyan M.A., Taktakishvili I.M.
3P15-24 Numerical analysis of antenna-excited microwave discharge lamp by finite element method Kando M., Fukaya T., Mizojiri T.
3P15-25 Voltage of lamp with MgO-coated electrode measured by sine-wave Goto M., Uehara T., Shono T., Arai T.
3P15-26 Improvement of high power gas jet type Z pinch plasma light source for EUV lithography Kishi N., Watanabe M., Iizuka N., Fei J., Kawamura T., Okino A., Horioka K., Hotta E.
3P15-27 Discharge plasmas generated by piezoelectric transformer and their applications; VUV emission from Xe and Ar excimers Itoh H., Inada D., Teranishi K., Shimomura N., Suzuki S.
3P15-28 Four-segment soft X-ray vacuum photodiode Schmidt J., Kolacek K., Frolov O., Prukner V., Straus J.
3P15-29 Wire explosion in water Prukner V., Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Frolov O., Straus J.
Link Title   Authors
3P15-30 Multi-channel laser-triggered spark gap Frolov O., Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Straus J., Prukner V.
3P15-31 Computer generated spectra indicating parameters of capillary-discharge-plasma suitable to amplify radiation of Balmer-alpha transition of H-like N (13,4 nm) Straus J., Kolacek K., Schmidt J., Frolov O., Prukner V.
3P15-32 Recent progress in applications of the Ne-like Ar soft X-ray laser at L'Aquila University Zuppella P., Tomassetti G., Bussolotti F., Dunne P., Flora F., Mezi L., Ottaviano L., Piperno S., Reale A., Rinaldi M., Ritucci A., Santucci S., Kaiser J.
3P16-01 Non-thermal plasma n-heptane decomposition enhanced by supplementary addition of active species Pekarek S.
3P16-02 Time resolved impedance of the pulsed positive corona plasmas in polluted air at atmospheric pressure Georgescu N.
3P16-03 Generation of ozone using dielectric barrier discharge reactor with aqueous electrodes Mok Y.S., Jo J.O.
3P16-04 Bactericidal effects of non-equilibrium cold plasma on Geobacillus stearothermophilis and Bacillus cerus Morris A., Akan T., McCombs G.B., Hynes W.L., Laroussi M.
3P16-05 An analysis of the effect of an installation of plasma generator position on the quantity of ozone in air conditioner room Mungkung N., Pinnak P., Jaisue B.
3P16-06 The destruction of atmospheric pressure propane and propene using a surface barrier discharge reactor Hill S.L., Kim H.H., Futamura S., Whitehead J.C.
3P16-07 Total oxidation of VOC using combined system of atmospheric pressure nonthermal plasma and catalysts Kim H.H., Ogata A., Futamura S.
3P16-08 Practical and economical VOC removal using adsorption and nonthermal plasma desorption Yamamoto T., Kuroki T., Kawabata R., Okubo M.
3P16-09 Possibility of the increase of hydrogen peroxide yield in plasma-solution systems for purification and sterilization Titova Yu., Kuzmicheva L., Maximov A., Titov V.
3P16-10 Water treated by pulsed electric discharges and its effect on biological objects Rutberg Ph.G., Kolikov V.A., Snetov V.N., Stogov A.Yu., Noskin L.A., Landa S.B., Arutunjan A.V.
3P16-11 Sterilisation and decontamination by means of O2:H2 low pressure microwave discharge Kylian O., Sasaki T., Hasiwa M., Rauscher H., Sirghi L., Ceccone G., Gilliland D., Rossi F.
3P16-12 Optimization of N2-O2 post-discharges for plasma sterilization by modelling Kutasi K., Pintassilgo C.D., Loureiro J.
Link Title   Authors
3P16-13 Effect of pulse repetition rate on the efficiency of gas treatment using pulsed corona discharge Baksht R.B., Yankelevich Y., Wolf M., Pokryvailo A., Oreshkin V.
3P16-14 Sliding discharge in capillary for honeycomb catalyst Sato S., Yamauchi H., Takashima K., Mizuno A.
3P16-15 Plasma-assisted catalysis for total oxidation of trichloroethylene over mesoporous Au-SBA catalysts Piroi D., Magureanu M., Mandache N.B., Richards R., Parvulescu V.I.
3P16-16 Plasma based toluene abatement in indoor air: removal efficiency and degradation pathways van Durme J., Dewulf J., Sysmans W., Leys C., van Langenhove H.
3P16-17 Decomposition of methylene blue in water by corona discharges Secu L., Magureanu M., Mandache N.B., Parvulescu V.I.
3P16-18 Oxidation of VOCs by non-thermal plasma and photocatalysis: interaction between reaction intermediates and porous surfaces Thevenet F., Guaitella O., Puzenat E., Guillard C., Rousseau A.
3P16-19 The effect of temperature on the formation of NOx and the destruction of DCM using non-thermal, atmospheric pressure plasma-assisted catalysis Harling A.M., Whitehead J.C.
3P16-20 Combined effect of reactor configuration and temperature on the plasma-catalysis processing of aromatics for environmental clean-up Harling A.M., Demidiouk V., Fischer S., Whitehead J.C.
3P16-21 Influence of power frequency on NOx removal by plasma facilitated SCR Wang J.Y., Nie Y., Zhong K., Wang L.M., Guan Z.C.
3P16-22 Ozone interaction with a stainless steel and a PtRhPd/Al2O3 honeycomb catalyst Pekarek S., Rosenkranz J., Khun J., Pospisil M.
3P16-23 Atomic species in nitrogen afterglow at atmospheric pressure used for biologic surface decontamination Ngadjeu A., Eismann B., Pointu A.M., Ricard A.
3P16-24 Photocatalytic decomposition of steroid hormone as environmental contaminant Hajkova P., Spatenka P., Kolouch A., Koci P., Müllerova J., Pichal J.
3P16-25 Scanning probe microscopy for analysis of composite Ti/hydrocarbon plasma polymer thin films Choukourov A., Grinevich A., Slavinska D., Biederman H., Saito N., Takai O.
3P16-26 Correlation between VUV radiation and sterilization efficiency in a double inductively coupled plasma Halfmann H., Bibinov N., Wunderlich J., Awakowicz P.
3P16-27 Surface protein destruction using cold atmospheric plasmas Deng X.T., Shi J.J., Chen H.L., Kong M.G.
Link Title   Authors
3P16-28 Pulsed electrical discharges in water: fundamentals and applications Belkind A., Gershman S., Mozgina O., Christodoulatos C., Becker K.
3P16-29 Characteristics of hydrogen combustion assisted by an intermittent dielectric barrier discharge Kambara S., Osakabe T., Kuriyama R., Moritomi H.
3P16-30 Low-temperature sterilization of wrapped medical instruments using low-pressure microwave plasma produced by face-type planar launchers Nagatsu M., Singh M.K., Ninomiya K., Xu L., Ogino A., Koide Y., Kurawaki I.
3P16-31 Line-shaped dielectric barrier discharges for inner surface processing of tubular medical instruments Nagatsu M., Eto H., Ono Y., Ogino A.
3P16-32 Water bio-decontamination in DC discharges Machala Z., Jedlovsky I.
3P16-33 Inactivation of micro organisms by means of low temperature atmospheric pressure plasmas Leipold F.
3P16-34 Foaming column: removal of colour and COD Pawlat J., Matsuo T., Ihara S.
3P16-35 Oxidation of acetylene in atmospheric Pressure Pulsed Corona Discharge Cell working in the nanosecond regime Redolfi M., Duten X., Touchard S., Hassouni K.
3P16-36 Destruction of simulated chemical warfare agents in non-thermal atmospheric-pressure air plasma Jarrige J., Vervisch P.
3P16-37 Edge-to-gel corona discharge bactericidal effect Kriha V., Koller J.
3P16-38 Influence of the plasma treatment on enzyme structure and activity Dudak F.C., Kousal J., Seker U.O.S., Boyaci I.H., Choukourov A., Biederman H.
3P16-39 Slot excitation of microwave plasma bubbles in liquid for decomposition of solute Ishijima T., Sato M., Sugai H.
3P16-40 Chemical modification of CNT-based bio-nanosensor by plasma activation method Hirata T., Amiya S., Akiya M., Takei O., Sakai T., Hatakeyama R.
3P16-41 Pulsed plasma purification of water containing non-degradable hazardous substances Satoh K., Miyazak Y., Itoh H.
3P16-42 Internal sterilization technique using large-volume microwave plasma in N2-O2 mixture gas with water vapor addition Xu L., Ogino A., Nagatsu M.
Link Title   Authors
3P16-43 Degradation of organic molecules by streamer discharges in water: coupled electrical and chemical measurements Dang T.H., Denat A., Lesaint O., Teissedre G.
3P16-44 Corona discharge bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli protected by gel layer Kriha V.
3P16-45 One dimensional axial modelling of a dielectric barrier discharge used for gas pollutants removal Bhosle S., Valdivia-Barrientos R., Zissis G., Pacheco-Pacheco M., Pacheco-Sotelo J.
3P16-46 Non–equilibrium plasma assisted hydrogen production: State-of-the-art Petitpas G., Gonzalez-Aguilar J., Darmon A., Metkemeijer R., Fulcheri L.
3P16-47 Atmospheric-pressure DC corona discharge in N2-NO mixtures: efficiency and energy cost of nitric oxide removal Pekarek S., Simek M.
3P16-48 Effect of pulse preionization mode on characteristics of UV radiation from high-power xenon flash lamps Bezuglov V.G., Galakhov I.V., Kinzibaev M.I., Logutenko S.L., Osin V.A., Zolotovski V.I.
3P17-01 Generation of powerful sub-nanosecond e-beams and X-rays in gas discharges under atmospheric pressure Tarasenko V.F.
3P17-02 Supershort avalanche electron beam generation in N2 and He at quasi-continuous gap voltage Tarasenko V.F., Baksht E.H., Lomaev M.I., Rybka D.V.
3P17-03 Discharge current and current of supershort avalanche e-beam at volume nanosecond discharge in non-uniform electric field Tarasenko V.F., Baksht E.H., Lomaev M.I., Rybka D.V.
3P17-04 Results of experimental study of a possibility of quasi-spherical implosion of current-conducting shell under the effect of axial geometry magnetic field to compress plasma target Egorychev B.T., Ivanovsky A.V., Volkov G.I., Ivanov V.A., Morozov I.V., Kraev A.I., Petrukhin A.A.
3P17-05 D-D reaction and fast deuterons in plasma focus facility Kubes P., Klir D., Kravarik J., Rezac K., Bienkowska B., Ivanova-Stanik I., Karpinski L., Paduch M., Scholz M., Schmidt H., Sadowski M.J., Tomaszewski K.
3P17-06 D-D fusion neutrons generated in 500 J fibre Z-pinch Klir D., Kubes P., Kravarik J., Rezac K.
3P17-07 Investigation of the high current multi-capillary dielectric cathodes Gleizer J.Z., Hadas Y., Yarmolich D., Krasik Ya.E.
3P17-08 Effect of high-voltage pulsed discharges on detonation to deflagration transition in gases Rakitin A., Zhukov V., Starikovskii A.
3P17-09 High current z-pinch disintegration and the task of peripheral equipment protection Zaitsev V.I., Andryanov Yu.V., Volkov G.S., Grabovsky Ye.V., Lakhtyushko N.I., Stepanov A.Ye.
Link Title   Authors
3P17-10 The effect of an auxiliary discharge on the plasma plume produced by a pulsed electron beam Nistor M., Gherendi F., Mandache N.B.
3P17-11 An all solid-state pulsed power generator for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) Liu Kefu, Qiu Jian, Wu Yifan, Liu Xiaoxu, Xiao Houxiu
3P17-12 A spark gap switch with very high repetition rate Rahaman H., Lee B.-J., Urban J., Stark R., Frank K., Nam S.H.
3P17-13 Reconstruction of D-D neutron energy spectra from time-resolved neutron detectors placed in opposite directions Rezac K., Klir D., Kubes P., Kravarik J., Zacek M., Scholz M., Paduch M., Tomaszewski K., Ivanova-Stanik I., Bienkowska B.
3P17-14 Pulse flashover characteristic of metal oxide thin films on epoxy substrate in vacuum Cheng Y.H., Chen Y., Yin W., Wu K., Wang Z.B., Zhou J.B.
3P17-15 Influence of voltage increase rate of power pulse on flashover characteristic in vacuum Chen Y., Cheng Y.H., Wu K., Wang Z.B., Yin W., Zhou J.B.
3P17-16 Treatment of water by high electrical fields and pulsed discharges Kalenikov A.V., Kuzhekin I.P., Kurbanov E.C.
3P17-17 Spectroscopic measurements of the plasma plume induced during laser ablation of graphite Hoffman J., Jedynski M., Mroz W., Prokopiuk A., Szymanski Z.
3P17-18 Nanosecond all-solid-state pulse generators on basis of FID technology for plasma chemistry applications Efanov V.M., Efanov M.V., Kricklenko A.V., Yarin P.M., Komashko A.V., Savastianov N.K.
3P17-19 Generation of supersonic and super-Alfvénic flow using RF heating and a magnetic nozzle Hagiwara T., Ando A., Kasashima Y., Hattori K., Inutake M.
3P17-20 Cherenkov beam-wave interaction experiment with a pulse-powered pseudospark discharge Yin H., Cross A.W., He W., Ronald K., Phelps A.D.R., Whyte C.G., Robertson C.W.
3P17-21 New generation of high – power semiconductor closing switches for pulsed power applications Belyaev S.A., Bezuglov V.G., Chibirkin V.V., Chumakov G.D., Galakhov I.V., Garanin S.G., Grigorovich S.V., Kinzibaev M.I., Khapugin A.A., Kopelovich E.A., Flat F.A., Frolov O.V., Logutenko S.L., Martyinenko V.A., Murugov V.M., Osin V.A., Pegoev I.N., Zolotovski V.I.
4P06-01 Plasma-satellites due to evanescent wave fields and plasma oscillations in the pulsed hollow-cathode Hildebrandt J.
4P06-02 Studies on a low energy plasma focus discharge Allam T.M., Abd El-Latif S.T., Soliman H.M.
4P06-03 Bimodal argon ion velocity distribution functions downstream of an expanding helicon source plasma Biloiu I.A., Scime E.E., Biloiu C., Cohen S.A.
Link Title   Authors
4P06-04 Thomson scattering diagnostics of the hollow-anode plasma Yarmolich D., Vekselman V., Gleizer J.Z., Hadas Y., Felsteiner J., Krasik Ya.E.
4P06-05 Measurement of the degree of dissociation in inductively coupled nitrogen discharges by optical emission actinometry Shin Y.M., Chung T.H.
4P06-06 Using the PC as a distortion meter for obtaining EEDF in glow discharge plasma Azooz A.A.
4P06-07 Development of compact optical emission spectroscopy system  for nitrogen atom density measurement Kurihara K., Sasaki K.
4P06-08 Metastable oxygen atom velocity and temperature in expanding CO2 plasma jets Mazouffre S., Pawelec E.
4P06-09 Transition of single probe to double probe characteristics: Effect of finite electrode area ratio Amemiya H., Bhattacharjee S.
4P06-10 Effect of collisional disalignment on LIF polarization spectroscopy for measuring electric field in plasmas Furukawa S., Namba S., Takiyama K., Oda T.
4P06-11 Diagnostics of low pressure inductively coupled VHF plasma used for nanostructured carbon deposition Okada K., Komatsu S., Matsumoto S.
4P06-12 Time resolved measurements of the electron density with a cutoff probe in a pulsed plasma Kim J.H., Na B.K., Seong D.J., Shin Y.H.
4P06-13 Mass spectrometric investigation of high-mass species in the downstream region of Ar/CF4/O2 plasmas and their formation mechanisms Ide A., Furuya K., Okumura H., Harata A.
4P06-14 Determination of gas temperature of hydrogen containing high-frequency electrodeless lamps Berzins M., Gavare Z., Revalde G., Silinsh J.
4P06-15 Dissociation degree of N2 in dc discharges from Schlieren measurements Cicala G., Raino A.C., Boggia A.
4P06-16 Optical emission spectroscopy study of N2 dc discharges at low pressure Cicala G., de Tommaso E., Raino A.C., Boggia A.
4P06-17 Determination of spatio-temporal plasma potential variations in asymmetric bipolar pulsed DC magnetron discharges by emissive probes Welzel Th., Dunger Th., Richter F.
4P06-18 Photoionization of atmospheric gases probed by terahertz pulses Mics Z., Kadlec F., Kužel P., Jungwirth P.
Link Title   Authors
4P06-19 The electron density in a microwave-induced argon plasma determined from the continuum radiation Iordanova E., Guillemier M., de Vries N., Baede L., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
4P06-20 FFT analysis of planar distributions of oscillations in a thermal plasma jet Gruber J., Hlina J., Sonsky J., Chvala F.
4P06-21 Method for dissociation degree determination in nitrogen plasma from atomic lines to molecular band intensities ratio Biloiu C., Scime E.E., Biloiu I.A., Sun X.
4P06-22 Correlation between CF2- and C2F4-concentrations in pulsed capacitively coupled CF4 / H2 rf plasma Stepanov S., Gabriel O., Meichsner J.
4P06-23 Emissive probe diagnostic in low temperature plasma - effect of the space charge and variations of the electron saturation current Marek A., Jílek M., Picková I., Kudrna P., Tichy M., Schrittwieser R., Ionita C., Balan P.
4P06-24 Computerized Langmuir probe measurements in a capacitively coupled RF discharge El Shaer M., Soliman A., Massoud A., Mobasher M., Wuttmann M.
4P06-25 Measurements of NO generated by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) by absorption and emission spectroscopy Pipa A., Bindemann T., Weltmann K.-D.
4P06-26 Determination of electron temperature in neon RF discharge by means of collisional-radiative model Navratil Z., Brzobohaty O., Trunec D., Smid R., Lazar L.
4P06-27 Electron temperature in the split plasma plume formed by laser ablation of Bi target Wild J., Kudrna P., Gronych T., Peksa L., Zelinger Z., Kubat P., Civis S.
4P06-28 A microwave hairpin resonance probe for measuring electron density dynamics in laser ablation plasmas Karkari S.K., Doggett B., Farrell D.O., Gaman C., Donnelly T., Ellingboe A.R., Lunney J.G.
4P06-29 Survey of impurity fluxes in ASDEX Upgrade by manipulator systems – recent results and future plans Schustereder W.
4P06-30 Comparative study between the IEDs of positive ions in an RF argon discharge and argon-hydrogen discharge Aflori M., Dimitriu D.G.
4P06-31 Evolution of nitrogen atom density in the nitrogen post-discharge with oxygen admixture Mrázková M., Vasina P., Pintassilgo C.D., Kudrle V., Guerra V., Talsky A.
4P06-32 Development of the laser Thomson scattering method intended for the study of low-temperature recombining plasmas in the MAP-II divertor simulator Kado S., Scotti F., Shikama T., Kuwahara Y., Kurihara K., Tanaka S.
4P06-33 Performance of a Langmuir probe and a hairpin resonance probe in inductively coupled low pressure plasmas Starke P., Christ-Koch S., Karkari S.K., Gaman C., Fantz U., Ellingboe A.R.
Link Title   Authors
4P06-34 Li+ attachment mass spectrometric investigation of neutral molecules in the downstream region of CF4 and C3F8 plasmas Okumura H., Furuya K., Harata A.
4P06-35 Levitation of micro-particles of different sizes in rf plasma above the not powered electrode Basner R., Blazek J., Kersten H., Thieme G.
4P06-36 Gas temperature and electron concentration measurements in a 30GHz gyrotron-based CVD reactor Vikharev A.L., Gorbachev A.M., Radishev D.B., Kozlov A.V.
4P06-37 Electrical probes for electron energy distribution function (EEDF) measurements in low pressure hydrogen plasmas Dietrich S., Christ-Koch S., Fantz U., Crowley B.
4P06-38 Double probe characteristics at the presence of electron beam sustained in microwave surface wave plasma Siry M., Husarik J., Kando M.
4P06-39 Plasma-TiO2 interaction: effect on adsorption desorption mechanisms Guaitella O., Allegraud K., Lazzaroni C., Rousseau A.
4P06-40 The multipole resonance probe: A new concept for electron density determination Lapke M., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P.
4P06-41 Effect of microwave field on the Langmuir probe characteristics in measurements of high-density plasmas Kono A., Li L., Aramaki M.
4P06-42 Analysis of the free-burning high-intensity argon arc for gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding Boutaghane A., Valensi F., Pellerin S., Bouhadef K., Briand F.
4P06-43 Low power Hall Effect Thruster erosion analysis by optical emission spectroscopy Pagnon D., Pellerin S., Dudeck M., Maksimenko T.A., Loyan A.V., Koshelev N.N., Boutaghane A.
4P06-44 Spatial characterization of Ar-Ti plasma in a reactive magnetron system using emission spectroscopy Tiron V., Vitelaru C., Costin C., Popa G.
4P06-45 Emissive probes for edge plasma measurements in magnetized plasmas Ionita C., Balan P., Schrittwieser R., Adamek J., Hron M., Stöckel J., Figueiredo H.F.C., Silva C., Varandas C.A.F., Tichy M., Martines E., van Oost G., Brandt C., Grulke O., Klinger T., Stark A., Windisch T.
4P06-46 Hard X-ray measurement from a plasma focus of low energy Silva P., Farías C., L'Huissier P., Pinto V., Zambra M., Soto L.
4P06-47 Generation processes of O (3Pj) and O (1D2) atoms in oxygen and krypton mixture surface wave excited plasma Takeda K., Takashima S., Hori M.
4P06-48 Development of compact radical monitoring probe for smart nano plasma processing Hori M., Takahashi S., Takeda K., Takashima S.
Link Title   Authors
4P06-49 Plasma and metastable distributions in low pressure Ar and He discharges Talukder M.R., Bose S., Kando M.
4P06-50 Spectroscopic investigation of an atmospheric pressure plasma jet Bahnev B., Bowden M.D., Braithwaite N.St.J.
4P06-51 Dispersive-plasma diagnostics: determination of temperatures from self-reversed lines using the one-parameter model Karabourniotis D., Drakakis E.
4P06-52 Comparison between TALIF measurements and NO titration for the determination of N atom density in a N2 late afterglow Rouffet B., Sarrette J.P., Gaboriau F.
4P06-53 A new method to measure electron energy distribution function in radio-frequency plasmas in insulated vessel Kusaba K., Shindo H.
4P06-54 Electro-optic crystal for measuring the space and time evolution of the surface charge in a dielectric barrier discharge Gegot F., Callegari Th., Aillerie M., Boeuf J.-P.
4P06-55 Spatial measurements of neutral density depletion by two-photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (TALIF) Aanesland A., Liard L., Leray G., Jolly J., Chabert C.
4P06-56 Light emission and temperatures during the DC afterglow in nitrogen-oxygen mixtures Krcma F., Mazánková V., Soural I., Simek M.
4P06-57 Electron density distribution of plasma produced in liquid by focusing YAG laser Yamaguchi T., Tsuda N., Yamada J.
4P06-58 Integrated diagnostics of thin film processing plasma in magnetron sputtering Britun N., Gaillard M., Oh S-G., Han J.G.
4P06-59 O2+ in low-pressure glow discharges in, O2, Ar-O2 and He-O2 gas mixtures Al-Jalal A.M., Khan M.A., Al-Qahtani H.
4P11-01 Gas heating by controlled impulse arc Korytchenko K.V., Zakutin V.V., Reshetnyak N.G., Chertischev I.O., Smorodskiy A.M.
4P11-02 Dynamic behaviours of induction thermal plasmas sustained by arbitrary-waveform modulated coil current Tanaka Y., Morishita Y., Okunaga K., Fushie S., Uesugi Y.
4P11-03 Spectroscopic study of recombination continuum in arc-heated cold expanding plasma jet Ohno Y., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
4P11-04 Modelling radiative heat transfer in thermal plasmas Lacombe J.G., Delannoy Y., Trassy C.
Link Title   Authors
4P11-05 Study of low-voltage circuit breaker by analysis of complex spectra including the self-reversed profiles of CuI resonance lines Ciobanu S.S., Hong D., Bauchire J.M., Gentils F.
4P11-06 Influence of evaporated vapor from cathode on anode potential drop in low vacuum arc Ishizaka K., Arai Y., Sugimoto M., Takeda K.
4P11-07 High voltage alternating current plasma generators with power up to 50 kW for plasmochemical applications Rutberg Ph.G., Popov S.D., Safronov A.A., Surov A.V., Serba E.O., Nakonechny Gh.V.
4P11-08 Investigation on the random walk of cathode spot in vacuum arc Shi Z.Q., Xiao J., Jia S.L., Liu Z.G., Wang L.J.
4P11-09 3D modelling of the cathodic arc root movement in a hollow cathode of a thermal plasma torch Freton P., Gonzalez J.J., Gleizes A., Conte D.
4P11-10 Alternating current electric arc plasma generators Rutberg Ph.G., Safronov A.A., Surov A.V., Popov S.D.
4P11-11 Emission coefficients of low temperature iron-helium plasma mixture Moscicki T., Hoffman J., Szymanski Z.
4P11-12 Thermal plasma diagnostic method based on the ratio of plasma radiation emitted in various spectral regions Rouffet M.E., Cressault Y., Gleizes A.
4P11-13 Research and development of electrodes for alternating current plasma generators for oxidizing working gases Rutberg Ph.G., Kuznetsov V.E., Kuzmin K.A., Ovchinnikov R.V., Spodobin V.A., Shiryaev V.N.
4P11-14 Arc-cathode interaction model Cayla F., Gonzalez J.J., Freton P.
4P11-15 Transport of high fluxes of hydrogen plasma in a linear plasma generator Vijvers W.A.J., Al R.S., Lopes Cardozo N.J., Goedheer W.J., de Groot B., Kleyn A.W., van der Meiden H.J., van de Peppel R.J.E., Schram D.C., Shumack A.E., Westerhout J., van Rooij G.J.
4P11-16 Modelling of near-cathode layers in high-pressure arc discharges Almeida N.A., Benilov M.S., Naidis G.V.
4P11-17 Gaseous thermionic vacuum arc (G-TVA) – a new method for carbon film deposition from evaporating liquids or gases Musa G., Vladoiu R., Surdu-Bob C., Lungu C.P., Ciupina V., Stoica A., Prodan G.
4P11-18 Modeling of a high current vacuum arc in a transverse magnetic field and influence of the electrode gap on the arc motion Delachaux T., Fritz O., Gentsch D., Schade E., Shmelev D.L.
4P11-19 Influence of thermal non-equilibrium on air and water plasma composition Hingana H., Teulet Ph., Cressault Y., Gleizes A., Riahi R., Ben Lakhdar Z.
Link Title   Authors
4P11-20 Mode changes on thermionic cathodes: I. Sensitivity study Benilov M.S., Cunha M.D.
4P11-21 Mode changes on thermionic cathodes: II. Preventing transient spots Almeida P.G.C., Benilov M.S., Cunha M.D.
4P11-22 Processes in Gerdien arc generated by hybrid gas-water torch Kavka T., Chumak O., Sember V., Hrabovsky M.
4P11-23 Measurement of excitation and ionization temperatures in an expanding H2O-Ar DC arcjet Sember V., Maslani A.
4P14-01 An alternative source to produce hydrogen from alcohols by using an argon surface wave sustained discharge at atmospheric pressure Jiménez M., Yubero C., Santiago I., Muńoz J., Calzada M.D.
4P14-02 Characteristics of atmospheric pressure corona torch plasmas for material processing Markle J., Xu C.Q., Chang J.S.
4P14-03 Decomposition treatment of CO2 using gas tunnel type plasma jet Kobayashi A., Hamanaka H.
4P14-04 Hydrogen production from water by using an argon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure: preliminary study Pineda M., Santiago I., Muńoz J., Yubero C., Jiménez M., Calzada M.D.
4P14-05 Low current gliding discharges between parallel rails in normal-air flux Risacher A., Larigaldie S., Bobillot G., Marcellin J.-P., Picard L.
4P14-06 Improvement of uniformity in heat flux transported to anode by magnetically driven arc Kuno I., Yamamoto T., Takeda K., Toh T., Tanaka J., Yamamoto K., Takeuchi S.
4P14-07 Experimental research of air gasification of waste. The first results Bratsev A.N., Glezin I.L., Kovshechnikov V.B., Kumkova I.I., Kuznetsov V.A., Popov V.E., Shtengel S.V., Ufimtsev A.A.
4P14-08 Partial oxidation of methane with yttria-stablized zirconia catalyst in a dielectric barrier discharge Indarto A., Choi J.W., Lee H., Sekiguchi H., Song H.K.
4P14-09 Quasi-DC discharge in high-speed flow for combustion enhancement Leonov S.B., Yarantsev D.A.
4P14-10 Single wall carbon nanotubes synthesis via electric arc process: influence of some parameters on the yield Mansour A., Razafinimanana M., Monthioux M., Gleizes A.
4P14-11 Electric field effects for combustion control - optimized geometry Most D., Hammer T., Lins G., Branston D.W., Altendorfner F., Beyrau F., Leipertz A.
Link Title   Authors
5P07-01 Excitation of dust density waves in dusty plasmas of planetary rings Yaroshenko V.V., Verheest F., Morfill G.E.
5P07-02 Numerical solutions of the balance-equations in the three-dimensional high-latitude ionospheric model Golikov I.A., Popov V.I., Solovyev T.N.
5P07-03 A magnetic field mechanism for the origin of planetary motion Lowke J.J., Lowke R.J.
5P07-04 The influence of (n-n')-mixing processes in He*(n) + He(1s2) collisions on He* (n) atoms population of in weakly ionized non-equilibrium helium plasmas Djuric Z., Ignjatovic Lj.M., Mihajlov A.A., Sreckovic V.A.
5P07-05 Drift wave excitation by inhomogeneous plasma flow in solar spicules Vranjes J., Saleem H., Poedts S.
5P07-06 The obtaining of the ball lightning and the prospects of the using it for problem of nuclear fusion Oreshko A.G.
5P07-07 About domain structure, fields and processes in radiating stars and in Universe Oreshko A.G.
5P07-08 Problem of Alfvén waves in solar photosphere Vranjes J., Poedts S., Pandey B.P.
5P07-09 3D PiC modelling of a experiment to investigate Auroral Kilometric Radiation mechanisms Gillespie K.M., Speirs D.C., McConville S.L., Ronald K., Phelps A.D.R., Cross A.W., Robertson C.W., Whyte C.G., Bingham R., Kellett B.J., Vorgul I., Cairns R.A.
5P07-10 Observations of magnetosheath fluctuations Gutynska O., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z.
5P07-11 Observations of vortex-like structure near the cusp Tkachenko O., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z., Prech L.
5P07-12 Air heating associated with transient luminous events Pasko V.P., Bourdon A.
5P07-13 Finite amplitudes helical waves on the surface of the sunspots as an example of the self-exciting homopolar heterogeneous dynamo Glazkov V.V., Sinkevich O.A.
5P07-14 High-latitude bow shock: Tilt angle effects Jelinek K., Nemecek Z., Safrankova J.
5P07-15 Electron-drift driven mode in the solar atmosphere Petrovic D., Vranjes J., Poedts S.
Link Title   Authors
5P08-01 Revisiting the Bohm criterion for a plasma with two positive ion species Franklin R.N.
5P08-02 Radial distribution of the excessively Doppler broaded hydrogen Balmer alpha line in a titanium hollow cathode glow discharge Sisovic N.M., Majstorovic G.Lj., Konjevic N.
5P08-03 Radial distribution of the excessively Doppler broaded deuterium Balmer alpha line in a titanium hollow cathode glow discharge Majstorovic G.Lj., Sisovic N.M., Konjevic N.
5P08-04 Investigation of energy flux density at a substrate in a pulsed DC magnetron discharge Cada M., Clarke G.C.B., Kelly P.J., Bradley J.W.
5P08-05 Electron distribution function in R-striations in an inert gas discharge Golubovskii Yu.B., Skoblo A.Yu., Wilke Ch., Kozakov R.V.
5P08-06 Evaluation of EEDF in microwave discharge plasma by spectroscopic characteristics Mizuochi J., Matsuura H., Akatsuka H.
5P08-07 Production of a hollow-type magnetron RF discharge plasma and its application to deposition of carbon related materials Emi J., Iizuka S.
5P08-08 Influence of second-kind collisions on the electron distribution function in a He-Xe dc discharge Golubovskii Yu.B., Loffhagen D., Porokhova I.A., Puzyrev D.A., Sigeneger F.
5P08-09 Plasma decay in N2, CO2 and H2O excited by high-voltage nanosecond discharge Aleksandrov N.L., Kindisheva S.V., Kirpichnikov A.A., Kosarev I.N., Starikovskaia S.M., Starikovskii A.
5P08-10 On re-evaporation of barium and electrical conduction in its vapor in photoplasma studies Majumder A., Jana B., Kathar P.T., Das A.K., Mago V.K.
5P08-11 Time-resolved Langmuir probe diagnostics of high-power pulsed dc magnetron discharges during deposition of copper films Pajdarova A.D., Vlcek J., Kudlacek P., Lukas J., Musil J.
5P08-12 Experimental investigation on the instability of the positive column in oxygen Testrich H., Wilke Ch., Reimer R., Wagner H.-E.
5P08-13 Spatial and temporal distributions of argon metastable atom densities in high-pressure magnetron sputtering plasmas Nafarizal N., Takada N., Nakamura K., Ikeda M., Sago Y., Sasaki K.
5P08-14 Transport properties of the electron component in oxygen plasmas Grubert G.K., Loffhagen D., Sigeneger F.
5P08-15 Effect of applied voltage property on ignition voltage of fluorescent lamp under light irradiation Hamamoto M., Kai S., Haizaki T., Ishibashi M.
Link Title   Authors
5P08-16 Study of a switched dc electrical discharge operating as plasma antenna Stoican O.S.
5P08-17 Experimental and theoretical investigations of a helium-xenon discharge in spot mode Winter J., Lange H., Porokhova I.A., Sigeneger F., Loffhagen D.
5P08-18 Triple probe measurements in a pulsed magnetron discharge Bryant P.M., Voronin S.A., Vetushka A., Bradley J.W.
5P08-19 VHF discharge sustained in a small hole Koga K., Nakamura W.M., Shiratani M.
5P08-20 Model of reactive magnetron sputtering process with non-uniform discharge current density Vasina P., Hytkova T., Elias M.
5P08-21 Experimental observations in a Titanium z-pinch plasma Wyndham E., Favre M., Valdivia P.
5P08-22 Low-pressure breakdown and voltage-current characteristics of dc discharge in CF4 Skoro N., Malovic G., Maric D., Petrovic Z.Lj.
5P08-23 The influence of an external magnetic field on a "macro" hollow cathode discharge in argon Biborosch D.-L., Lee B.-J., McGurk J., Mares L., Frank K.
5P08-24 Dependence of electrical breakdown mechanisms on gas electronegativity Loncar B., Vujisic M., Arandjic D., Osmokrovic P.
5P08-25 Mechanisms of electrical breakdown in vacuum diodes Loncar B., Vujisic M., Stankovic K., Osmokrovic P.
5P08-26 Impedance of an oxygen DC-discharge Richter A., Testrich H., Wilke Ch., Wagner H.-E.
5P08-27 Spatial velocity and flux distributions of sputtered Ti atoms determined by using blue diode laser in a low pressure magnetron discharge Vitelaru C., de Poucques L., Minea T.M., Bretagne J., Popa G.
5P08-28 N atom diagnostics in pulsed RF discharges Jasik J., Kristof J., Martisovits V., Macko P., Veis P.
5P08-29 Study of nitrogen molecular systems observed in NIR spectra in DBD at near and over atmospheric pressure Cermak P., Varga J., Macko P., Martisovits V., Veis P.
5P08-30 Influence of reactor geometry in capacitively coupled neutral loop discharges (CCP-NLD) Vural M., Sirin F., Brinkmann R.P.
Link Title   Authors
5P08-31 Comparative study of density profiles in two divertor plasma simulators: DiPS and MP2 Woo H.-J., Chung K.-S., You H.-J., Lho T., Jung Y.H., Choh K.-K., Yoon J.-S., Lee B., Yoo S.-J., Kwon M.
5P08-32 Drift and wave phenomena in an inductively coupled magnetic Neutral Loop Discharge Crintea D.L., Ishijima T., Sugai H., Luggenhölscher D., O'Connell D., Gans T., Czarnetzki U.
5P09-01 General dispersion relation for microwave gas breakdown in the presence of static magnetic field Ghorbanalilu M.
5P09-02 Excitation of whistler modes by a loop antenna in helicon discharge plasmas Eskin V.A., Kudrin A.V.
5P09-03 Temperatures of H(n=2) and D(n=2) in H2, D2, and H2/D2 mixture plasmas excited by helicon-wave discharges Sasaki K., Okumura Y.
5P09-04 Dissociative mode of RF capacitive discharge in low-pressure SF6 Lisovskiy V., Booth J.-P., Jolly J., Landry K., Douai D., Cassagne V., Yegorenkov V.
5P09-05 Plasma production using one turn internal loop antenna by means of radio frequency discharge Fujita H., Aramaki K., Ohtsu Y.
5P09-06 Nonlinear spatial profiles of plasma parameters in a magnetized inductive radio-frequency discharge Popescu S., Ohtsu Y., Fujita H.
5P09-07 Transition phenomena and striations in inductively coupled radio-frequency plasma studied by optical emission spectroscopy Cutic N., Glavan N., Kregar Z., Krstulovic N., Milosevic S.
5P09-08 Operating stability diagram for the plasma needle used as deactivation agent for E. Coli bacteria Simon A., Anghel S.D., Papp J.
5P09-09 Modes of low-pressure longitudinal combined (RF/DC) and dual-frequency discharges Lisovskiy V., Booth J.-P., Kharchenko N., Yegorenkov V.
5P09-10 The role of the capacitive component in the low pressure RF inductive discharge Alexandrov A.F., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Rukhadze A.A., Savinov V.P.
5P09-11 One more mechanism leading to the hysteresis of the RF inductive discharge transition from low to high density mode Alexandrov A.F., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Rukhadze A.A., Savinov V.P.
5P09-12 Study of a radio frequency plasma for production of equivalents of Titan's aerosols Cavarroc M., Alcouffe G., Boufendi L., Cernogora G., Szopa C.
5P09-13 About the electron stochastic heating in the capacitively coupled low-pressure discharge Tatanova M., Golubovskii Yu.B., Tsendin L.D., Thieme G., Basner R., Kersten H.
Link Title   Authors
5P09-14 Evidence for nanoparticles in microwave-generated fireballs by synchrotron X-ray scattering Mitchell J.B.A., LeGarrec J.L., Sztucki M., Narayanan T., Dikhtyar V., Jerby E.
5P09-15 Theoretical study of ion energy distribution function in dual frequency RF discharges Ivanov V.V., Kovalev A.S., Mankelevich Yu.A., Olevanov M.A., Proshina O.V., Rakhimova T.V., Voloshin D.G.
5P09-16 Analytical calculation of ion energy distribution function in dual frequency RF discharges Olevanov M.A., Rakhimova T.V., Voloshin D.G.
5P09-17 Studies on a microwave-heated plasma torch Leins M., Baumgaertner K.-M., Schulz A., Walker M., Schumacher U., Stroth U.
5P09-18 Heavy particle impact excitation of atomic oxygen in front of the powered electrode of oxygen rf plasmas - Experiment and PIC-simulation Dittmann K., Matyash K., Bronold F.X., Schneider R., Fehske H., Meichsner J.
5P09-19 Spatial and phase resolved optical emission pattern in sheath region of capacitive coupled rf plasmas Nemschockmichal S., Dittmann K., Meichsner J.
5P09-20 Atmospheric pressure microwave H2O plasma source and its solid surface cleaning application Unno M., Ono S.
5P09-21 Experimental study of dual frequency RF discharges in argon for different gas pressures Braginsky O.V., Kovalev A.S., Lopaev D.V., Rakhimova T.V., Rakhimov A.T., Voloshin D.G., Vasilieva A.N.
5P09-22 Production of N2+ in positive column of HF discharge in He/N2 mixture Raud J., Laan M.
5P09-23 Production of hydrogen using atmospheric pressure microwave plasma source operated at high flow rate Jasinski M., Dors M., Mizeraczyk J.
5P09-24 RF-biasing of highly idealized plasmas Westermann R.H.J., Blauw M.A., Goedheer W.J., van de Sanden M.C.M.
5P09-25 Mechanism of microwave guiding and plasma generation in below cutoff dimensions Bhattacharjee S., Mathew J.V., Amemiya H., Sen A.
5P09-26 Evolution of electron temperature and density distributions in the inter-electrode gap of DF CCP discharge during the rf period Braginsky O.V., Kovalev A.S., Lopaev D.V., Rakhimova T.V., Rakhimov A.T., Voloshin D.G., Vasilieva A.N.
5P09-27 Electron diffusion in intense high frequency electromagnetic fields Bhattacharjee S., Dey I., Jain S., Amemiya H.
5P09-28 Large low pressure, high power RF sources for negative hydrogen ions for fusion applications Fantz U., Franzen P., Falter H.D., Kraus W., Berger M., Christ-Koch S., Fröschle M., Gutser R., Heinemann B., Martens C., McNeely P., Riedl R., Speth E., Wünderlich D.
Link Title   Authors
5P09-29 Measurement of ions in H2 - N2 capacitively coupled discharge Dvorak P., Janca J.
5P09-30 High-density microwave plasma spots produced by multi-hollow window technique Nakao S., Sugai H.
5P09-31 Electron production processes in neon rf breakdown Sasaki N., Shoji M., Uchida Y.
5P09-32 Comparison of rf barrier discharge generated by plasma pencil and low frequency variant at atmospheric pressure Slavicek P., Brablec A., Kapicka V., Kadlecova J., Smekal P., Vanek P., Klima M.
5P09-33 Microwave surface-wave excited plasma as a source of high energy electron beam for polymer cross-linking Husarik J., Sahara T., Siry M., Kando M.
5P09-34 High frequency behaviour of dual frequency capacitively coupled plasmas Semmler E., Awakowicz P., Ziegler D., Mussenbrock T., Brinkmann R.P.
5P09-35 On the skin effect in symmetrically driven rf discharges Mussenbrock T., Hemke T., Ziegler D., Brinkmann R.P., Klick M.
5P09-36 Influence of discharge tube wall thickness on surface-wave discharge parameters Czylkowski D., Nowakowska H., Mizeraczyk J., Zakrzewski Z.
5P09-37 Electron dynamics in capacitively coupled RF discharges Schulze J., Heil B.G., Luggenhölscher D., Kampschulte T., Czarnetzki U.
5P09-38 Space and phase resolved electron energy distribution functions in an industrial dual-frequency capacitively coupled radio-frequency discharge Schulze J., Gans T., O'Connell D., Czarnetzki U., Ellingboe A.R., Turner M.M.
5P09-39 Observation of transient electron density rise in an afterglow H2 plasma with confined capacitive radio-frequency source Gaman C., Karkari S.K., Ellingboe A.R.
5P09-40 Experimental investigation of a low pressure RF CO2 plasma: Towards a new chemical kinetic scheme of the martian re-entry Rond C., Bultel A., Boubert P., Fryer C., Cheron B.G.
5P09-41 A spectroscopic investigation of a water-vapor microwave plasma source Tatarova E., Dias F.M., Gordiets B., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-42 Microwave air plasma torch Gordiets B., Tatarova E., Henriques J., Felizardo E., Dias F.M., Pinheiro M.J., Ganachev I., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-43 Selective emission of a two-lines spectrum in a.c. plasmas Musa G., Surdu-Bob C., Vladoiu R.
Link Title   Authors
5P09-44 Modelling of a large-scale N2-Ar microwave plasma source Henriques J., Tatarova E., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-45 Window breakdown: transition from vacuum multipactor to collisional microwave discharge Verboncoeur J.P., Kim H.C., Lau Y.Y.
5P09-46 Atmospheric N2 - Ar wave driven discharge Henriques J., Felizardo E., Tatarova E., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-47 Surface wave driven microwave plasma torch Felizardo E., Henriques J., Tatarova E., Dias F.M., Ferreira C.M.
5P09-48 Radio-frequency dielectric-barrier glow discharges in atmospheric argon Shi J.J., Liu D.W., Kong M.G.
5P12-01 Dust particle charging in DC glow discharge plasma Sukhinin G.I., Fedoseev A.V., Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Amangaliyeva R.
5P12-02 Kinetic description of attraction of likely charged grains in dusty plasmas Tsytovich V.N.
5P12-03 Velocity autocorrelation functions of dusty particles obtained by the Langevin dynamics Ramazanov T.S., Dzhumagulova K.N., Dosbolaev M.K., Jumabekov A.N.
5P12-04 Damping of Langmuir- and ion-acoustic waves due to charge spread on dust particles using a Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook-like term for dust particle charging Oien A.H.
5P12-05 Long-living plasmoids from a water discharge at atmospheric pressure Juettner B., Noack S., Versteegh A., Fussmann G.
5P12-06 Numerical simulations of interactions of warm plasmas and a dust-grain Miloch W., Pécseli H.L., Trulsen J.
5P12-07 Analysis of the particle vibrations in 3D plasma clusters Antonova T., Annaratone B.M., Thomas H.M., Morfill G.E.
5P12-08 Charging and shielding of an emitting dust grain in weakly-ionized plasma in hydrodynamic approximation Dyachkov L.G., Khrapak A.G., Khrapak S.A.
5P12-09 Structures and charge of dust particles in gas discharges at cryogenic temperatures Antipov S.N., Asinovskii E.I., Kirillin A.V., Maiorov S.A., Markovets V.V., Petrov O.F.
5P12-10 Three dimensional diagnostics of dusty plasma structures in glow discharge Statsenko K.B., Khrustalyov Yu.V., Vasiliev M.M., Antipov S.N., Petrov O.F., Fortov V.E.
Link Title   Authors
5P12-11 Variations of field emission from dust grains Pavlu J., Richterova I., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z.
5P12-12 Void dynamics and dust particles distribution in complex reactive RF plasmas Stefanovic I., Kovacevic E., Berndt J., Winter J.
5P12-13 Ion flow characteristics in experiments with dusty plasma structures Antipov S.N., Maiorov S.A.
5P12-14 Rotation of a nanoparticle cloud in an inductively coupled plasma induced by weak static magnetic fields Schulze M., Consoli A., von Keudell A., Awakowicz P.
5P12-15 Ar+ treatment influence on secondary electron spectra from dust grains Richterova I., Fujita D., Pavlu J., Nemecek Z., Safrankova J.
5P12-16 Kinetic processes in combustion dusty plasma Starik A.M., Savel'ev A.M., Titova N.S.
5P12-17 The influence of the gas mixture on the material properties of plasma polymerized nanoparticles Kovacevic E., Berndt J., Stefanovic I., Strunskus T., Becker H.W., Godde C., Winter J.
5P12-18 Size-dependent effect of nanoparticles on capacitively coupled radio frequency discharge Schweigert I.V., Peeters F.M.
PD-01 Water purification from phenol using combined plasma-catalyst processes Bubnov A., Grinevich V., Gushin A., Plastinina N., Rybkin V.
PD-02 Physical characteristics of atmospheric pressure glow discharge with liquid electrolyte cathode (water and CuCl2 solutions) Kulentsan A., Rybkin V., Titov V., Smirnov S.
PD-03 Plasma treatment of microfluidic components Dziubek A., Kurrat M.
PD-05 Describing diffusion in a magnetized plasma with a self consistent friction approach Peerenboom K.S.C., van den Donker M.J., van Dijk J., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
PD-06 Axial flows of plasma in toroidal spark discharge Gelashvili G., Mdivmishvili M., Nanobashvili I., Nanobashvili S., Rostomashvili G.