Post-deadline Contributions
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PD-01 Water purification from phenol using combined plasma-catalyst processes Bubnov A., Grinevich V., Gushin A., Plastinina N., Rybkin V.
PD-02 Physical characteristics of atmospheric pressure glow discharge with liquid electrolyte cathode (water and CuCl2 solutions) Kulentsan A., Rybkin V., Titov V., Smirnov S.
PD-03 Plasma treatment of microfluidic components Dziubek A., Kurrat M.
PD-05 Describing diffusion in a magnetized plasma with a self consistent friction approach Peerenboom K.S.C., van den Donker M.J., van Dijk J., van der Mullen J.J.A.M.
PD-06 Axial flows of plasma in toroidal spark discharge Gelashvili G., Mdivmishvili M., Nanobashvili I., Nanobashvili S., Rostomashvili G.