General Invited Lectures
Link Title   Authors
G01 Generation of high-pressure, non-thermal plasmas in discharges in small geometries Pitchford L.
G02 Plasma-assisted combustion using nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges Laux C.O.
G03 ITER: Giant plasma physics experiment and global move towards fusion power Lopes Cardozo N.J.
G04 Novel-structured carbon nanotubes creation by nanoscopic plasma control Hatakeyama R.
G05 The main issues of research on dense magnetized plasmas  Sadowski M.J., Scholz M.
G06 Corona initiated from grounded objects under thunderstorm conditions and its influence on lightning attachment  Raizer Yu.P., Bazelyan E.M., Aleksandrov N.L.
G07 On-line monitoring of plasma processes for surface treatment by spectroscopic ellipsometry  Stoeri H., Laimer J.
G08 Modelling of multi-frequency capacitive discharges  Turner M.M., Chabert P., Levif P., Boyle P., Robiche J.
G09 Measurement of electric fields in radiofrequency discharges  Barnat E.V., Hebner G.A., Miller P.A., Paterson A.M., Pangopoulos T.
G10 Charge dynamics in a three-dimensional plasma-sheath lens; phenomenology and applications Stamate E.